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1 week post operation


Hi well it all happened rather quick, got a phone call Monday to have operation with mr axon in caimbridge on Wednesday. The operation went well and certainly felt I was in excellent hands. It’s now a week since I was in theatre and thought I would give an update:
The feeling in my throat has gone and there is less nerve pain on the back part (left side) of my tongue. I am feeling better in myself although I also had as one of my symptoms pulsatile tinnitus. Mr axon did another procedure as he thought this might get rid of this hideous noise. For some reason I thought when I woke up from the operation that the noise would be gone…I feel so sad that the noise is still there…I can still hear it beating and feel the sensation of the beating too at the back of my throat. I keep saying to myself that maybe it will subside as the swelling dies down but wanted to know if others had experienced anything like this and how long it took for their necks, nerves, muscles to feel more normal after surgery.
My head feels clearer, my sinuses seem to be unblocking, less ear pain and pain is definitely better but this noise overshadows everything…want to feel happy but can’t help feeling that the operation has not been as successful as I had hoped. Any advice anyone?



I am glad you are doing well. Remember week 2 - you may feel better - but don’t over due it, I paid the price! I wish I had answers for you about the tinnitus. For me it was one of the things that disappeared immediately, but I don’t think that means for you that it won’t. I keep reminding myself that I have to give it time and to be hopeful. So let’s both do that!

Take it easy!


Hi Brige,

My pulsatile tinnitus was still there on and off after surgery. I am now at week 3 and only get it is I try lifting something heavier. I am sure it’ll go away soon, esp after the swelling goes down. My head still feels groggy but it’s getting clearer in the last few days. I have some facial nerve affect and its getting better. My neck muscles are really tight but as I went to the surgeon this morning, he reminded me I had major surgery and healing takes time. Do not get discouraged. :slight_smile:


Hi Brige,

Jules had the same problem with pulsatile tinnitus. I’m sure she’ll respond & let you know how things went for her.

As far as any other post op symptoms, nerves are slow to heal & can take up to a year. Nerves also let us know when they’re healing. Your pain will come & go as you heal. As the days pass you’ll have less pain & see more healing progress. Numbness is often slow to recover but your nerves will regenerate & you most likely will notice most, if not all, of the sensation returns with time.

ES surgery is major surgery. The first week post op is the worst then, little by little as your swelling decreases, you’ll begin to see changes for the good. As I like to say, healing is a game of patience. As sjlash noted - BE CAREFUL not to overdo. It’s easy to have a day where you feel pretty good early on & push yourself only to find that the following day you feel much worse. Listen to your body. Rest when it says rest but move gingerly when it says it’s ok to do so. You’ll most likely notice significant improvement by the end of the first month & hopefully feel pretty normal by the end of month 2 post op.


Mine subsided quite a bit after a week I think, but while the 2nd side was still in I still had it & vascular symptoms. Do you have bilateral ES? If so it might not ease until both are done… Mr Axon told me that sometimes the veins don’t spring back & that stenting may be needed (but there can be risks with that so definitely not something I wanted to try, the majority of my symptoms went after both sides were done), it may be it’ll take a while for the vein to get back to normal, so keep hoping it will go!
Also I find if my blood pressure goes up even now, with stress etc., I do notice the pulsatile tinnitus again, so it’s something to consider if you’re worrying about post-op symptoms?
Hope your recovery goes well & glad you’ve been able to have surgery, best wishes!