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So I recently was diagnosed with vertigo and have been receiving physical therapy to reposition my loose crystals. Many of my initial symptoms resembled the symptoms of Eagle Syndrome prior to my surgery years ago. I assumed that my elongated styloids were growing again, until I had the intense spinning and nestagmus. I was wondering if anyone else with Eagles also had vertigo and if there’s a connection other than a preceding injury. Besides my C4-C6 fusion, how many more issues will I have to cope with? Head injuries are no joke!!

No joke for sure, PITN! It’s nice to see you back, though, even if you are dealing with vertigo and nystagmus. (I get queasy just thinking of it: I’m not an Eagle patient, but I do have Meniere’s, and I’ve had the rocks in my head rearranged as well, LOL)

Hang in there, and don’t forget to wash those hands!

Seenie from ModSupport

I hope that the PT you’re having does help with your vertigo; I’ve seen it work quite well on TV, but don’t know of anyone who’s had it done…
Have you had a CT to check that the styloids haven’t grown back, or are the doctors sure it’s crystals?
It’s quite common to have dizziness with vascular ES, or if the styloids compress certain nerves . If you’re interested here’s a link to a discussion about Vestibular Rehab some members have tried: