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Hi there Melzieinsydney,

Thanks for your email!

So sorry you are having these problems. It’s a real pain!

Your manifestation sounds like the classic version of ES, which effects the throat and surrounding areas. My version was the Vascular version, where my internal jugular veins were compressed, causing neurological symptoms like pressure in the head etc.

Having said that, my jaw has been extremely tight lately. What are the self-release exercises you use?

I can definitely recommend Dr Elliott, he is just so helpful and knowledgable. I can also recommend Dr Michael Halmagyi from the RPAH neurology/dizzy clinic. Both helped me through this time in important ways, including keeping me informed of where things were at, communicating with me etc. I am really grateful to them.

In answer to your question, Professor Halmagyi recommended some antidepressants for headaches and anxiety. He (rightly) sensed that the anxiety about everything was getting too much for me to handle. I needed help getting through this time, and this medication helped a lot. I have always been prone to health anxiety/panic, and the unknown element in my illness really did wreak havoc on my ability to keep calm.

It’s still not fixed, and they are considering putting a stent in the base of my skull. Still, I am feeling a lot better and am back at work/study/playing music and just living my life as I always have.

Please let me know if you have any more questions- I am only too happy to help.



Sorry, just saw your other question. There can be a wait getting in of up to a month, so book ahead. Explain the situation and the severity of your symptoms, and if it is urgent they will fit you in.


Hey Ryan,

Thanks for your message. Wow a stent in the base of your skull I do hope it helps! Great they have helped you get back to your usual activities - what instrument do you play if I may ask?

This is a fairly lo-fi video but you will get the gist. This stretch releases the PTERYGOID muscle - see here.

Stretching the mid part of your back can also help with a tight jaw. Do you have a foam roller? You can use it to stretch loosen up your back which can help with jaw tightness. Just as long as you dont get dizzy when you bend forward etc. See here for some stretches using foam roller.

This is also a good article about TMJ pain - http://breakingmuscle.com/fitness/heal-your-tmj-disorder-with-3-simple-posture-exercises

Thanks, Mel :smiley:


I’m a newby on this site and finding my way around but does anyone have any info on surgeons in Western Australia. Does anyone now of an ES surgeon on this side of the country?