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Bilateral calcified stylohyoid ligament

Thank you, Shanef89! Totally forgot you’re in school even though that’s been the topic of several of your posts. I hope you do amazingly well! Good for you for persevering through pain AND surgery! I extra applause for your effort!

Sorry your remaining side is acting up.

Looking forward to an update post finals.

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Hope all pain stays away and you are able to concentrate and remember all you studied. Agree with Isaiah_40_31 great perserverance with the challenge of such pain! Hoping you do very well with finals.

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Oh my goodness, the injection hurt! The injected below c7. Strangely, nurse was reading my chart and told me he has ES. His ENT doesn’t believe in ES either so when he has flare up he pushes styloid into better position and pain goes down. His styloid is infringing on jugular. Don’t feel anything new yet, but could take a few days to ease pain from what I’m told. My low/mid back is very angry about this though! Also, I cannot eat anything cold or crunchy I had to fast 6 hours so I was hungry, but couldn’t eat my salad because it hurt my teeth. Has anyone had a shot below c7? Did you feel worse before you felt better?

Sorry that this has been so painful, hope that ut does improve soon for you! Interesting that tge nurse has it too, at least you had someone sympathetic with you!

Curious that you have tooth & lower back pain from the shot. However, many nerves that innervate our upper & lower bodies come from the spine so it’s possible that pressure from the fluid introduced by the injection is putting pressure on the nerves causing your current symptoms.

I think back reacted to my tightening up when that needle went in so deep. Doctor told me he had to go deep, but no one really knows what it really means until you feel it. Felt much better today! Haven’t tried cold food, but had ice in water and didn’t bother me. It’s more when I bite cold or hot food. Was able to get out in yard so that was great. Might have overdone it, but I won’t tell if you don’t. Still have main symptoms, but excess pain in the neck feels maybe 50% better. All days I live and work are good, but this one was a little better than usual so I’m glad I got the shot. The ramped up pain of last 3 years is down to what it was for 20 years prior so I don’t feel so panicked. Hope you are having a good day also.


UPDATE: after healing a bit and feeling things out the Doctor and I chose to leave the second side for another point down the line. Right now my the skin below jaw and above my scar are still numb. Some days it feels like it might be getting better and others it’s like it gets worse. No more facial pain. No more weird flutter in my chest . My stomach isnt as upset as before. My right ear is better. My neck is still recovering strength. Turning my head was very tiring when I was recovering. Unfortunately my dog got a brain tumor and so now he’s blind and almost deaf, and very weak. This was the same dog that would always want to play with me. And now he can’t get around. It’s so sad. I haven’t been able to focus lately. Now I need a house a job and a truck to move.

DeeG stay strong sounds like your going through a lot! Glad the shot helped

Hi DeeG,

How are you feeling now? Is the pain reduction from the shot still holding out? It would be wonderful to hear that you’re still being able to function at a higher level!

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Hi Shanef89!

You’ve been on my mind over the last couple of weeks. Glad you posted today. I’m so glad to read that your symptoms have improved in so many ways. The numbness you still have is likely to last awhile. I still have a spot along my jawline that’s not totally “feeling” & my last surgery was almost 4 yrs ago. Since not having full sensation there doesn’t affect my ability to function normally, I forget about it. I suspect you’ll get most if not all the feeling back in that part of your neck/under jaw.

:sob::sob::sob: about your dog! I am an animal lover & definitely a dog person. We lost both of ours to cancer some years ago so I totally empathize with your situation. How hard to have so much on your plate & still be healing from your surgery.

I will be praying for all the pieces to come together quickly & soon so you can get back to living more normally. Stress slows healing so try to take lots of deep breaths (this helps the sympathetic nervous system relax & unstress a bit) & focus on the things that are good in your life. All these difficulties will pass, & there will be happier days ahead.

Sending a hug :hugs: & a promise to keep praying for you :pray:.

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Shane- really glad that you’ve noticed some improvements since surgery! But very sorry to hear about your dog :cry:, been through sadly losing ours 18months ago…and a move etc to go through, does sound like you have enough to cope with at the moment so it’s understandable putting off the 2nd side. Keep healing & you’re on my prayer list still as well.

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Hi Shanef89,
I am so sorry to hear about your dog. Dogs help us through so much. My dog past almost 2 years ago - best dog ever! I have missed her all over again through my recovery.

On top of that, you have a lot on your plate and moving is difficult at best. You made it through ES surgery - you can do anything! Stay strong. Sending positive thoughts and prayers.



Hello Shanef89, everyone has expressed my sentiments beautifully. I will just add, across the internet and through time I am over here sympathizing with your loss, definitely understand losing a pet. I had to let mine go on the day of a mass shooting and I chided myself on the way home for mourning my dog while so many were lost. I knew nothing of the lives lost until I heard on the way fr the vet. Now I always think of my dog playing with the children for eternity. Though I not physically there to support you in your setbacks and your gains I think of you all and send the best thoughts and energy your way. It was very kind of you to inquire on my wellbeing while you are going through so much, thank you!

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So sorry for being off site for so long. I did let my setbacks get to me a bit. Not mentally, but I quit the VA for a bit to regroup. The shot only worked a day so I had to make another neurosurgery appointment. Now it’s physical therapy… Ear hurt so bad I stopped by audiology asking if ENT had to refer my for a hearing test. Got one immediately and she said same thing, left ear is perfect… Gave immediate consult back to ENT. Do you think my right ear flunked the test? I was told hearing would get better when tube fell out, but apparently that didn’t happen, oh well. I have new love of ice bags on my ear. Only relief for sharp shooting pain. Going to get back in the fight and mail films to Dr. C. I cannot get films into email form which causes me to short-circuit.
Having a bit of cognitive trouble. I misunderstand requests I’m very familiar with and cannot work my gadgets. Trying to regain my patience. As hearing worsens, balance worsens, speech gets weird and I get short with some people. But Ms. Inquisitive is back, get ready for it! Thanks for checking on me. I appreciate each of you!

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DeeG -
So sorry to hear this report. Can you get help from a friend w/ the techy stuff so you can email your scans? It’s also possible to request the radiology lab that did your CT send them to Dr. C. If you’re interested, Dr. Nuss is a little closer in Louisiana. Emma, one of our former moderators just had bilateral surgery done by him & is very happy with the outcome though her recovery has been a little slow. He’s on our doctors’ list. Also, Pindergirl67 recently had surgery done by a surgeon in southern Georgia (Dr. Petruzelli), & she’s very happy w/ her outcome. Dr. C is good, but it will take awhile for you to get an appt & another while for you to get surgery scheduled as he very much limits his ES surgeries in a given month.

Your current symptoms can all be related to ES. When cranial nerves get irritated the symptoms can be very painful & frustrating.

I hope your brain fog clears so you can function efficiently in the tasks you’re trying to accomplish.


Yes, sorry that you’re suffering, I feel for you, I had hearing & cognitive trouble too…I hope that you can get the stuff sorted for Dr C, & get somewhere with that…big hugs

Hello Jules and Everyone, I don’t know what’s happening, but I lost the strand on my app
Did someone rename the strand? Got a question, was anyone working when all the symptoms got bad and then just started feeling panic about going to work? Day before weekly shift starts, ear starts really hurting, head hurts so bad have to get back in bed and just get anxiety… Something at work making me anxious, but been dealing with it a few years, but now making me furious! A retired guy visits work and if I don’t actively avoid him he says very rude things to me. Supposed to be secured area, but he gets buzzed in because people know him.

Disregard the question about the strand, it is up again on my app.

Hi DeeG -

Sounds like vagus nerve stuff to me. An irritated vagus nerve causes a variety of ES symptoms & among them are heightened anxiety levels. Others include heart palpitations/blood pressure issues, gastrointestinal issues, vocal/throat issues, to name a few of the more prominent ones. I suspect that once your styloid(s) is/are gone, you’ll notice a positive change in the anxiety situation. Another option is - pain is adding to your anxiety. Prolonged pain is known to create anxiety. If you wake up in pain then have to anticipate harassment at work, I can imagine your anxiety could skyrocket before you even start your day.

I am very sorry you’re going through what you are at work. Is there anyone you can talk to about the guy & get some sort of protection from him? Seems like they should care enough to support you in this.

Glad your ES forum app is working again on your phone. I’ve had that happen on my computer in the past, but all has been well for awhile.

Please keep us posted about your situation. I will be praying for you.


Thanks! I think it is all the issue because I usually can calm anxiety, but it is challenging now. I’m going to try once more then start interviewing. Would you find it wrong if you were fixing power cords on floor (on knees so back doesn’t hurt so much) to get monitors working and someone who does not work there says, looks like they finally got you into a position you can handle. Am I overreacting?

No you arent’ overreacting! That is just RUDE!!! It’s juvenile & uncalled for. That guy needs to grow up & learn to zip his lips or he needs to be reminded, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all!!”

I imagine because you’re already in a precarious place in your life w/ the ES problems, the comments weigh more heavily, but I’d say the guy needs some duct tape to cover his mouth when he visits. :rofl: