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Bilateral - one out, one remaining - still causing problems?

I had vascular issues on the side now removed. Every time I stood up my head felt like it would explode. Surgery relieved the symptoms as well as the local pain.

The right side is local throat and neck pain, with neck/shoulder tightness and right eye pain on top of my eye. I feel all of this connected to my ES when it flares up.Two months 3 times a week of PT did nothing to help the tightness.

Praise the Lord - sometimes we do get “signs”…isn’t that nice? And the fact that you got the news while at the appointment!

Can’t wait to hear the news! It’s time for that second styloid to “move” as well!!!


I’m glad that you feel more at peace with your decision now! Can’t wait to hear your news! :+1:


BG ~ :clap: :clap: :clap: God sure answered our prayers for you quickly & decisively! I’m so glad you have something wonderful to look forward to after surgery. I’m joining the other gals & will “wait w/ baited breath” to hear :ear:/read :eyes: your news. :grin:



@Isaiah_40_31 @Jules @SewMomma
It certainly felt like a sign and that my prayers were answered. Thank you to all for the prayers and support!

Sorry to be so cryptic but it is all good news. Lets just say that I’ve been in a toxic place for too many years and looking forward to putting it all behind me.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


An emergency surgery has pushed my surgery back one day to 12/10. Its a bit nerve -racking but thankfully for me it is not an emergency.

me: “stay present and focused”


I’m glad it’s only one day!

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Getting everything ready for Tuesday? At least you don’t have to drive this time!

Left foot, right foot - just gotta get yourself there then let the healing begin (again!).


Praying for you Brooklyn girl!!

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@SusieQ @SewMomma @JustBreathe @Jules @Isaiah_40_31 and this amazing support group.

I am all set for tomorrow at 8 am. This flare up has me in a lot of pain and discomfort, which of course is “good” and affirms the need to get this done.

I am so ready to move on from this and let the healing begin. 2020 is going to be my best year yet.

I’ll post as soon as a I can post op.

I am deeply grateful for the support, prayers and well wishes. Thank you.



Sending you and your surgical/hospital team guidance, wisdom, strength and perseverance for this last step! You will do very well, you know what to expect and that is half the battle. Looking forward to hearing from you after you are rested. Prayers :purple_heart:


BG - I have already been praying & will continue to pray for you. Our members Daughter_of_the_King & Adogmom had surgery today & Sukinsmudge follows you on Thurs. You’ll all be recovering “together” :wink: This is a busy surgical week on our forum!

I’m so glad this journey is coming to an end, & you will be on your way to healing in less than 24 hours!

Sending a hug & hoping for the best possible outcome!


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Hope that this time the recovery is much smoother! Much prayer coming your way…hugs to you

You are THIS CLOSE to the hard part being behind you! Your healing journey begins SOON! Try to rest tonight. Although that nap on the table is the best, is it not??!!! :laughing:

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I just saw that today is your day. Adding my prayers as well.

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Hoping, hoping, hoping & praying all went well for you today, BrooklynGirl! :hugs: :heart:


It was a rough go in post op recovery with a lot of pain and horrific nausea for right side external removal. I’m better today - no nausea but that means no oxy for pain, but I am managing with Tylenol and ice.

I was out for so long that the surgeon was in surgery when I woke so I haven’t talked to him yet. The incision is longer than the other but it’s also covered so I can’t be certain. The white strip of tape goes from just under my ear lobe down my neck 2-1/2” - 3” or so. I’m thinking that he also took out the s-t ligament, which makes sense based on the pain I was having, but I will know more when I talk to the surgeon. My surgeon is also a plastic surgeon for neck reconstruction so I trust that all was done for a reason.

All of the tightness in my neck and shoulder seems to be gone. The left side referred pain is also gone, hopefully for good. I have paralysis on the right side of my lip - same as last time but that was temporary so I expect the same again. My vanity this time around is the big wrinkles and creases on my cheek following my jaw. I assume thats from the surgery and will go away too. I don’t seem to have any aggravated nerve issues, but that came a week or so after the first surgery. I pray that doesn’t come back this time.

Thank you all for the prayers. I felt the support and prayers through this process and I am so very grateful.



YES!!! So great to hear from you and you are well on your way as a complete styloid-less lady.
Sorry it was rough getting out of the gate but it will be well worth the price.
Hang in there for the next few weeks :blush:

HOORAY! It’s done! NOW LET THE HEALING BEGIN!! I’m glad you feel better today sorry the Rx pain meds were a problem but if Tylenol is working that’s probably a better choice anyway.

Are the cheek wrinkles & creases because of swelling? That does sound like an odd post op item, but as you said, will go away with time. Scars give us bragging rights! But since your surgeon is a plastic surgeon, it makes sense that he wants minimal scars from his surgeries if he expects future referrals. :laughing:

Praying that your recovery will go quickly, w/o a lot of nervy issues (like last time), & low pain level.


Poor you, but hopefully you can manage the pain now, & I hope that you can get some rest. Glad that thete does seem to be some improvements already…& that you’ve felt supported, we’re all routing for you! :bouquet::pray: