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Boney protrusion in throat - very panicky


Mafre - Having your styloids poking you in the throat/tonsil area is most likely what’s causing the burning. Many ES patients are diagnosed w/ acid reflux & treated for such when they don’t have it. The throat & mouth are often “victims” of ES symptoms because they’re innervated by cranial nerves which are in turn being irritated by the elongated styloids &/or calcified s-h ligaments.

I’d call the GP & firmly let him know you want your ENT appt to be about ES. Optionally, you can try requesting the ENT doc to explore that possibility in the absence of your GP’s request.


Thanks @Isaiah_40_31 - I definitely have acid reflux as I have a hiatal hernia and there’s scarring in my oesophagus which has caused a stricture. But after I posted yesterday I spoke to the ENT and they said I can talk about both issues at the appointment so that’s a relief. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s really great news, Mafre! I’m glad your doctor is being supportive. Sorry to hear about the hiatal hernia though. My sister had that problem, but it’s healed up now. I understand it can be pretty uncomfy.


2 for the price of 1! A good deal; hope you get some help! Let us know how you get on, good luck!


Hi all, just to update: I had my ENT appointment today and they confirmed that what I’ve been experiencing in the back of my throat is due to the ES. The doctor was great and could easily see the ES when I pointed to it. He looked at them and said “perfect” which wasn’t quite what I was thinking :slight_smile: - he explained that the burning sensation near my tonsils was due to pressure on a nerve. I’ve been referred to a specialist at another hospital who will help determine if it’s worth the surgery. It currently feels a lot better and knowing that the sensation is caused by ES helps me cope with the pain/ discomfort and I don’t currently feel worried about it anymore. I am wondering whether it’s affected my oesophagus too as problems have flared up there ever since I prodded around at the back of my throat (could even be due to stress of ES too). I have an endoscopy tomorrow so more will become clear. Anyway, in regards to ES it all seems reassuring (and not “all in my head” as my GP bet me it would be!). I really appreciate the support and information on this group, it’s really been helping so thank you!!


HOORAY for progress & affirmation!! I will say that surgery is WORTH IT. Surgery is the only avenue by which you’ll be more permanently relieved of your symptoms. Even doctors that do ES surgery sometimes put patients off & say let’s wait & see how your symptoms progress. If you’re uncomfy now, the symptoms are more likely to get worse than they are to disappear. Based on my experience (& that of many others on this forum), you should advocate for surgery if the specialist tries to procrastinate.


I’m so happy you checked in! Hearing an update from someone is like getting to turn the page in a book…what’s the next chapter? :grinning:


Really goid that they’ve acknowledged ES is causing your symptoms, at least that battle is over. Hope that the next appt. is helpful for you!