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Broken Blood Vessel by eye

Well I haven’t read this one before. . . This morning I looked in the mirror and low and behold I look like I have a black eye on the inside corner of my right eye. Not painful. no swelling, just boldly PURPLE. I don’t remember any trauma and I know it wasn’t there when I went to bed last night.

So I google - good and bad. BUT I came across an article that said a broken blood vessel near the eye could be caused by an irritated facial nerve. God knows I have those!

Second surgery scheduled for Monday. Prayers gratefully accepted.

Off to the eye Dr!

You guys are the best! Thanks:)

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Wow that remaining styloid is up to no good!

You’re so close!!! Definitely keeping you in my intentions at weekend mass.:latin_cross:

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Well…Monday won’t come soon enough!
Keeping you in prayer💜

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You will be in my prayers. Sending hugs.

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So the eye Dr. said it was def broken blood vessel. She felt it was caused by Eagles causing circulation issues and she was glad I wasn’t putting surgery off.


That’s a worry but very glad that your surgery is booked for Monday! Prayers & hugs…

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So glad that you have good doctors on your team!

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YIKES! Good information to have! Sorry this happened to you but glad the light is at the end of the tunnel! I’ve put your surgery on my calendar & will also be praying for you!

Hoping for an easy surgery & quick recovery.


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Wow, mine never actually burst but they were angry looking like this a lot prior to surgery (much better now). Interesting to know what your eye doctor said! I thought it was related to the nerve involvement in my face but my doctors disagreed with me. image image


All this vascular eye information is very interesting & a good addition to the body of symptoms we already have.

Thank you redbird & sljlash for sharing what you’ve learned!

Thinking of you! I’m sure you’re running around packing. Your drive is tomorrow? Then Monday is the halfway point of your journey! :heart: