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Click in throat /TMD

Hello , for those of your suffering from clicking in throat on swallowing: Do you also have TMD on that side? I have click on a right side, and pop in jaw when yawning; was told by primary doctor yesterday that I have TMD , and recommended to start wearing mouse guard .
I’m curious if those go hand in hand. My clicking in throat appeared at around the same time pop in jaw. Thank you :pray:t2:

Hi hopehope1,

Where ES is concerned, the clicking when swallowing usually coincides w/ a calcified (or partially calcified) stylohyoid ligament. This tethers the hyoid bone so it can’t move normally when you swallow, breathe, talk, sing, etc. When the hyoid bone isn’t moving normally & the s-h ligament isn’t free due to calcification, I believe the problems caused translate “up the chain” as it were & ultimately can affect the jaw joint. I think a click w/ swallowing goes hand in hand w/ TMJ symptoms for many people. You could look back at some of SewMomma’s earlier posts to see if she commented about TMJ as “the click” when swallowing was her most troubling & painful ES symptom.

Thank you kindly, Isaiah!

I just saw your conversation w/ Sewmomma. Guess my advice was a little late. Glad you were resourceful!!

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Yes, I did ask her about it earlier today. Thank you :blush:

Luckily my insurance paid for the $800 “appliance” as the dentist called it. I wore it for one day and knew that wasn’t my problem. I was given the mouth piece in 9/2018 and I was diagnosed with ES in 11/2018 and had surgery that stopped the click in 1/2019. That mouth piece still sits in my bathroom cabinet.

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SewMomm ~
Saving it for a rainy day? :rofl:

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Ha ha, yes - why in the world do I still have the thing?! It’ll be fun to toss it one day! :blue_heart:

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My primary would not even refer me to dentist yet. I guess she wants me to buy over the counter appliance— which I will. She also said stop eating crunchy foods… if it does not help, she would refer me to dentist.

I’ve had the stop eating crunchy foods advice for years…Sadly, I’m addicted to nuts of all varieties especially toasted nuts that are nice & crunchy. I’ve tried reverting to eating them in their sliced forms, but it’s just not the same… :weary:

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You are right, Isaiah, these are delicious ! I feel bad you can’t have them…!

Take up kickboxing & you have a mouth guard already?!


I’m bad. I eat them anyway & put up w/ jaw joint pain/dysfunction. :crazy_face: