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Confused. What surgery did I have done? + Hyoid post op

Who are your doctors?

Here you go! https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/3d63/479dd0b025e88f7382804522a347147252ab.pdf

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Just for future reference for anyone that may search and find the post and have similar issues in the future. Here’s when I realized things weren’t so great after the first surgery.


This was obviously before I realized that maybe my hyoid was operated on and not actually styloid. Communication progressively got more difficult and confusing after My post op visits.

Hoping that you’ll get some answers & your doctor will understand properly what needs to be done :pray:

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I have had my left styloid removed intraorally, it was poking in my throat. I was still having difficulty swallowing so a doctor said it was my hyoid so I had another surgery. He did the surgery with cut in neck. I can now swallow without pain. It’s been a couple of years and I have a lump forming on my right side underneath my styloid. I’ve been putting it off, need courage to see a dr about it. I hope this helps you, like you it is complicated to understand.

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I’m sorry to hear that you have a new “twist” in your health journey, wings2soar. I gather you never had your right styloid removed, but am glad that the hyoid bone surgery helped you a lot.

Is the lump that you’re noticing now, painful or hard?

Thank you wings2soar. That is very encouraging to hear that after the neck surgery you felt relief. I needed to hear that tonight.

The lump is very painful to the touch. It is hard and crunchy, my sinus on that side gurgles and I have constant throbbing. Not sure what to do?

I have seen so many ents, the hyoid surgeon doesn’t believe in styloid removal and cannot go back to the dr that removed styloid on left side, he said it would be to dangerous to remove the right side styloid. Is there any recommended ent in the Boston Mass area who would be willing to work with me? Many years agoI was beaten up very badly, that is probably why I have so many issues with my neck and face. I’m feeling very lost.

If you look in the Doctors Info section, there’s an updated list of doctors familiar with ES; there are 3 that we know of in Mass, 2 in Boston. Dr Timothy Osbourne, Boston Uni Medical Centre, & Dr Donald Annino at Brigham & Womens. There’s also a Dr Jalisi at Beth Israel in Boston who our member EaglesInBoston says has done a research paper, but don’t know if they’ve done surgery.


I’m so sorry you’re suffering long-term consequences from a violent act against you years ago. I think that it does take time for the “full picture” to appear when we suffer grave injury. I had significant whiplash from a car accident in college, & I believe that is what brought on ES for me almost 40 years after the fact.

I am not a doctor, but I believe in the hands of an experienced skull based surgeon, there is no styloid that is “too dangerous” to remove. In many cases, it’s too dangerous to leave the elongated styloid &/or calcified stylohyoid ligament in because of the nerve & possible vascular damage it/they can be causing.

If you can’t find help from a local surgeon, are you willing & able to travel? There are several good doctors in PA & possibly NY who would be somewhat close (a relative term here :wink:) to you.

Here is a link to the US ES Doctors List so you can peruse it yourself:

Update. I spoke with my ent/neck surgeon by phone about my ct scan, the confusion over phrasing of hyoid vs styloid, my last surgery, and plans for my upcoming surgery.

I’ll preface this by saying that I am pretty stuck with moving forward with the surgery on 11/19 with this ent/surgeon. I don’t have health insurance and am self-pay and this is the procedure/dr/and facility I can afford.

(For future reference for those who scan the forum for info. My dr is in Houston Tx. Surgeon fee —his rate $5300 1st surgery, $2600 2nd surgery. Facility fee, hospital based surgery center for 4 hours, $981… all Paid upfront. To be Paid and billed later: Anesthesia $1200, Pathology $480. And just FYI : Neck Soft tissue Ct scan with contrast $255, includes report).

I looked into Dr Samji and even closer docs from the list here, but with travel and medical expenses, I just can’t swing it. So with a “stick” currently causing major pain in my throat I am “stuck” and need this surgery on Tuesday to hopefully provide some immediate relief. I truly am thankful to go under the knife because I need this relief , and it’s been a blessing that he does believe I am truly in pain and that this is what is causing it. But I realize now I need more prayer than ever for God to guide this surgeons hands.

After his explanation…it sounds like (not quoting him) that the anatomy is all “stylohyoid” and one thing or one piece to him (from styloid process to ligament to hyoid) and thus my confusion why it was called styloid in one place and hyoid at other times. I’m picking my battles and that’s not one I could argue on the phone.

As for my 1st surgery… I had my left tonsil removed and 1cm of the left side of my hyoid removed. In his words it was very thick and elongated and he hoped it would bring relief by shortening it. But as we know, it made the pain worse and now causes the intense foreign object feeling in the throat and he is willing to go in to smooth it out and remove more if he can.

The calcified ligament, in his words,”bounced back into tissue like a guitar string when cut” and could not be removed. I asked him if he could look for it through the neck surgery and he said he will not go on a fishing expedition in my neck but will remove what he can.

He said that he felt then, and will also feel for this surgery, that removing anything (styloid process) at the skull base is too dangerous and he won’t do it. He agrees the ct scan shows calcified ligaments and that he can remove anything from the tonsil area where he was before all down to the hyoid.

We discussed the articles posted, he heard me. He reassured me he will do his very best to provide pain relief for me. He was less
dismissive. He provided more explanation and reassurance.

At the same time I don’t feel like this is the exact same procedure that so many other have benefited from. It’s not going to remove my styloid. But maybe it can help? That’s what I pray.

I don’t know how I feel … I almost feel like God has given me a peace about this. I was worrying it’s the pain talking and the desperation to “hurry up and do something”. But I’ve accepted this is the surgery I need done & after processing it with info on the forum & talking to him again I feel better. And I know God can guide his hands, and provide the relief I need, now I just really covet your prayers on Tuesday (11/19). Thanks for all the support and information.

Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts as well. It’s good for those scouring the internet to know options and opinions.


You have peace about this surgery for a reason. God’s got you covered. You were able to sort things out with your surgeon which is vital, & it sounds like even though he’s not removing your whole styloid process, he will be removing some part of it along w/ as much of the stylohyoid ligament as he can. That should give you relief from the poking in the throat sensation you’re currently having.

I applaud you for sticking with him as this will be a good learning experience for him & for you. I will be praying for you & your surgeon on 11/19. Do remember if your symptoms aren’t totally gone after that, you have this problem bilaterally, & often after one side is taken care of, the other one can flare up. If you need surgery on the remaining side, hopefully this surgeon has learned what he should have done during your first surgery & will proceed on that route w/ your other styloid.

Hug to you & I’m already praying.

:heart: :rose:

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Thank you so very much.

Very glad that you feel at peace with your decision, & that you got some answers after speaking with your surgeon. Of course will pray for you on Tuesday, best wishes & hugs to you :pray:

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Another 2/3 or left elongated hyoid taken out & part of the calcified stylohyoid ligament removed. Not removed was actual left styloid and a scar tissue band from the 1st surgery. I’m in so much pain with swelling, I can’t say if it was a success yet. image

Discharge instructions were vague, so I’m a little like now what? Can I put ice over the wound that’s air drying & has glue on it? Drain comes out next week.

Are most people recommended to
Have Ice on neck after surgery ?

YES!! I found my ice packs to be the best for pain relief and swelling. I was given one after I woke up from the surgery. All the best to you for a speedy recovery.

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Thank you for the info!!