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Covid testing, so angry!

Ok, new development. I was scheduled to have surgery w Dr. Pramrod Sharma in Utah on Oct 6th. I had already waited a month to see him and he confirmed I have a ES. So we were all set up to do the surgery and then the surgical center called and told me that I have to have the nasal swab for covid before surgery whether or not I have symptoms or fever. Anything up my nose that far tents to make me black out. I told them so and asked if I could do a throat swab. The scheduler said yes and then called me back to tell me I had to do the nasal swab. I am so sick of this whole thing I told them I decline and she said I cannot have surgery then, and that it could be up to a year before they won’t require a nasal test. I know for a fact that you CAN do a saliva test in Utah but that was not acceptable either. She claimed it’s about keeping their staff safe. The CDC has stated that even if you have antibodies that if you are asymtomatic and have no active fever, you pose no risk. She said sorry, I don’t make the rules! Hasn’t this new normal killed enough people? Far more than the “pandemic” I need to know if anyone else has experienced this or where I might find a surgeon who won’t require brain mining covid tests before a surgery? My big question is this, if it’s SO terribly contagious hat we all have to wear mask to stop dropplets, ( it’ does not stop the virus particles) Then WHY do we have to put a bottle brush waaay up someones nose and turn it 5 times to see if they MAYBE have it ( everyone AND their dog has some covid antibodies) . I’m so done w this game. Any help or advice? Thanks!

So sorry that this has held up your surgery…I know in the UK it’s the throat swabs which seem to be done more for covid testing; I thought that there were more likely to be the virus particles in the throat rather than the nose? I totally get that they need to do the tests of course, but what does it matter if it’s throat or nose?
Maybe someone in the US can give you advice, but is it not worth going for the testing to get rid of that spike in your throat?

Hi sixgunsue,

The best I can tell you is that you only have to get it done once, & you’ll be in a medical facility so if you do pass out, you’ll have experienced care there. My daughter is a nurse & has to get the nasal swabbing done 2x/week at this point. She (& I) feel as you do about the whole COVID situation, masks & all. It’s so doggone frustrating.

I agree w/ Jules, too. One COVID test is worth it so you can get rid of your styloid(s) & start recovering your life. Please forgive me if this doesn’t sound very sympathetic. I do feel very sorry for your situation & completely empathize with your anger/frustration.

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Unfortunately this is the golden ticket to get into any surgery in the US right now. No use arguing with the rules and regulations that are in place for the safety of everyone whether you agree or not. I was freshly out of the ethmoid roof CSF leak repair and had to go in for another urgent surgery in which they had to repeat the nasal swab test and was fine. Don’t let this stand in the way of you moving forward and getting the care that you need!


I hear you,@sixgunsue. My mother was a really tough old bird: nothing medical rattled her. Almost. But she had this terrible fear of having anything stuck up her nose. So much so, in fact, that she begged the brain surgeon to do an open craniotomy instead of a transnasal procedure to remove a pituitary tumor. He relented, and she woke up with a shaved head, a trap door and staples. She was just fine with that. Yup, I get it.

For a single occasion “event” like a covid test, I think I’d be asking my PCP for a single tablet of something really good to get me through. Take the drug, have a friend take you there and back and have a nap.

Worth it, I think, to get rid of those styloids.



Are they still doing nasopharyngeal for medical procedures around here? Or just nasal swab? I don’t really care I’m happy to do either for everyone’s peace of mind, just curious. :slight_smile:

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My last was a nasal swab in June but I will be able to tell you more next week with my COVID testing on Thursday! Heading back in for my remaining side styloidectomy, IJ balloon venoplasty and skull base CSF leak repair at Swedish.



I’m so glad you’re heading toward the end of your journey. I’m hoping for great things for you once the surgery is behind you. This has been one long, uncomfortable ride!


I have been tested twice, including once before a procedure, and neither one was the “nasal mining“ variety. They just swabbed around the inside of my nostril, right at the opening, not high up at all. It was very easy, and not the least bit uncomfortable


I wish that was how they do it there, I’ll check back with them ut everyone around here has had an awful time.

Very sorry to hear that but I still concur w/ others who said it’s a one time event & worth it if it means you can have ES surgery & start your healing process.

Well that was the easiest Covid test yet :joy: At Swedish, just a swab inside the front of the nostril, not the brain tickle. Results just in, all systems a go for Monday Yay! Not sure what PS/L In Denver is doing now. Best of luck to everyone!


That’s good news, so pleased all set for next week. Hope you’re able to relax over the weekend, I think you’re an old hand at surgery?! God bless :pray: :hugs:

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Thank you! Haha yes, just another day I the produce aisle :joy:

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Hi JustBreathe!

Love your sense of humor! Monday will be here before you know it! Yes, do something you enjoy this weekend. I’m so excited that this giant step toward your recovery from ES is almost nigh! :partying_face: :heart:


@JustBreathe I was wondering what the Covid testing would be like! I’m going to have it done at Swedish too on sept 29th.


Well, A friend of mine has a saying when it comes to “the rules”. “The system must be satisfied”. You can argue with them all you want, and will get no where as the protocol has been set by that facility. It depends on what kind of test (which manufacturer of test) whether they go up in the nose or use throat. Blood test is usually for the antibodies which would show past or recent infection not active infection. I think there is some quick blood ones available but not yet widely available.
The facility has an established protocol where you get your test (ie: which lab which normally just has one type (manufacturer) they use. Short of calling all the known labs in your area to see what they have (if they will talk to you) and talking your medical facility where you are having surgery into accepting it (throat swab), this will not change.
When I had surgery back at the end of April, I dont have to have a covid test and all they did was temperature check. I am scheduled for other side in December and will need a covid test a few days before this time around. I don’t know which one is required.
If this is difficult to have done, ask for medication to ease your nerves and possibly muscle relaxers to tolerate it?
Just because you have no active fever does NOT mean you pose no risk and the CDC has lost control with their language on their website. It is now designed to be misleading or vague for those outside the infectious disease profession. Only recently it has just been adjusted again. I suggest going to your state or local publci health department website for more concise information. As an FYI, a mask can deter some particles. The right mask re: N95 is highly effective is preventing aerosal transmission. Combined with a face shield, you can be pretty protected. If I go on a flight, that what Im wearing. Our healthcare workers are being exposed to this daily and many are dying. Try to appreciate the other side to this.