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Does it sound like Eagle’s?


Very happy for you guys… It’s awesome that you are having less pain and I think I’m gonna schedule a consult with Dr. Samji soon. I have a question about diet because I tested negative for reflux but my throat still reacts negatively to certain foods. Why would ES be effected by spicy foods or high fat foods… I haven’t been able to locate any information on that. Again, I feel like it is probably Eagle’s but has Eagle’s ever been known to make GERD worse or somehow mess up the nerves in the throat?


Hi Nick,

ES can compress/irritate cranial nerves that affect your throat & digestive tract & cause them to be more sensitive in many ways. With the throat, it’s often via messing w/ the ability to swallow, but things like heat & cold sensitivity can also occur so I would speculate that sensitivity to different levels of fat or spice could join that club as well. Elongated styloids/calcified s-h ligaments can tangle w/ the vagus nerve which does innervate the gastrointestinal tract among other things. Many ES sufferers are initially diagnosed w/ & treated for GERD unnecessarily because the source is not GERD but an irritated vagus nerve. Additionally the glossopharyngeal & hypoglossal nerves are often irritated by ES. They affect the throat & tongue. As you can surmise, there would be much benefit in removing the source of irritation for all these nerves so they can settle down & heal.


I like how you say “settle down and heal”. I need constant reminders that this will take TIME to “undo” what these ligaments/styloids have “done”.


Yes, it does take time - up to a year or even more in some cases, but our bodies are designed to heal if we take care of them & that they will do in most cases! :+1: