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I was just told that my ENT is referring me to University of Michigan. I really don’t want to waste time going there if they do not have a doctor that can help me. I looked on the doctor list but I don’t see any doctors from U of M.

I would suggest calling tomorrow, as when I called I was told they did not treat ES. They referred me to Ohio State. Maybe they can diagnose, but don’t operate. Please do let us know what happens.


Hi clasch,

I just found an old post from our forum member Kay. Here is an excerpt from her post:
“U of M refused to see me, and when I checked with a doctor at Wayne State, he declined.”

KristiKay posted this in 11/15 - “You can add Dr. Gregory Artz from Grand Rapids, Michigan to the list. He’s been a great surgeon and communicator throughout my diagnosis and treatment.”

You can use the magnifying glass icon in the upper right to search posts about each doctor from Michigan. I’ve just given you tidbits here. I think you’re wise not to waste time on potential “false leads”.


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Agree with sjlash that ringing beforehand is the best bet…& find a doctor on the list who’s the nearest…

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clash-I just sent you a private message about my journey searching for a Michigan doctor. Best wishes!


Hi I Live in MI and there is another Lady that was on here as well that lived in MI. There is no Dr here in MI that deals with Eagles.
If you are willing to go out of state there are many on the Dr form.

There are several on the list in Michigan just none in U of M.

You are correct Jules…I think some have been added to the list since Gods_blessing was active on this site. Seems like there are more of us now in MI…

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Hi Kay,

If all goes well with your surgery, would you mind sharing the name of your doctor if it’s not on our doctors’ list & even if it is, so we can mentally note who a good Michigan doctor is? (awkward sentence…sorry…but you get the idea).

Thank you!

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I sure will. Best wishes to everyone fir a lovely day!

Dr. Gregory Artz is at the practice I am seeing and my Dr., Dr. Claudell Cox, consulted with him about my CT and they referred me to U of M who sent me a letter yesterday saying they don’t treat ES just as others have indicated. I am planning to call them today to ask for a referral Dr. Steven Chang at Henry Ford.

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Kay, your surgery is with Dr. Steven Chang, correct? Was that on the 24th? I appreciate your willingness to share your experience as I am still searching for a Dr. in Michigan or at least close to Michigan (maybe I will need to go to Ohio). Are the injections that you were getting something that any pain clinic may be able to do? I was seeing Dr. Javery and Javery Pain institute in Grand Rapids for a while and he did an Occipital nerve injection that didn’t help. Do you know what the injections were so maybe I can inquire?

My surgery is on the 27th-thanks in advance for thoughts and prayers!

Thank you. I will be anxious to hear how your surgery goes. Do you know how many he has done?