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Elevated CRP levels?

My CRP levels have been chronically high- everything else has cleared so I’m wondering if this might be due to the ES I just discovered. Has anyone else had these issues?

ES causes inflammation in the body, so I guess it could be causing raised CRP levels…I’m glad that everything else has been cleared, I guess they checked for autoimmune conditions? There does seem to be quite a few members who’ve had AI conditions as well as ES.
I’ve had a search of the discussions, & can only find one mention:
‘Thank you for your encouragement and support, the CT scan I had done by the vascular team was with contrast , unfortunately the scan also revealed that I have a cerebral aneurysm so at the moment I’m unable to take anti inflammatories at least until I see a Neurologist on 7th Sept, my first ENT appointment is on 18th Sept luckily one of the DRS on the list on here works at my local hospital so I should get to see him.
My blood results so far are ok I do have raised crp levels but thats to be expected and I’m on thyroid medication but levels are fine. Good luck to you I hope you get a op date soon.’
Maybe someone else can chip in!

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No, haven’t been down the road yet for AI conditions, but will probably go that route once I get established with my ENT and get the ball rolling with the ES treatment. I’ve had a full body CT from the thyroid down, ad well as a brain CT years ago. Thankfully everything cleared besides a large thyroid nodule (which was diagnosed as benign after biopsy), so was hoping the CRP was just tied to ES instead of cancer or something along those lines.

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