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Eye vision pulsing

Does anyone experience their eyes/vision to pulse with eagles or jugular vein compression? Tia

Yes I have vision problems, blurred and sometimes eyes won’t open as quickly after sleeping on the right side where my styloid is longest. Some days have to wear reading glasses, other days I don’t.

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That’s a bit worrying! Pulsatille tinnitus is quite common, I had that with bilateral jugular compression, loads better after surgery!
Have you had your eye pressures checked by an optician? In very rare cases of high Intracranial pressure it can put pressure on the optic nerve & damage it, so best to get checked…
If you were able to get a referral to Mr Axon at Addenbrooks, he is very knowledgeable about IH & jugular compression, he’s also done lots of research into pulsatile tinnitus if you do get that as well.

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Thank you. I am going to make an appointment with dr Axon.

I get the whooshing in my ears when leaning over or kneeling to standing.

I’ve just had an mrv and awaiting the results. In my mri you can see my c1 compressing my jugular vein but I don’t know if it’s significant enough. I don’t know if the styloids are involved.

I have so many awful symptoms including clear fluid leaking from my nose, blocked popping ears, tinnitus, derealisation, brain pulling and sucking pressure. Pulling and sucking of the eyes and pulsing vision at times. Visual disturbances. I have more but won’t bore you lol x

A CT would show the styloids better; your scan obvs shows jugular compression, & could well be compressed between the C1 process & styloid- that has been seen with other members- but whether it’s due to elongated C1 process or an elongated styloid process, or both, can’t be seen. Have you ever had a CT? If you haven’t I would wait to see Mr Axon as he likes CTs done his own way, & you don’t want to have more radiation than necessary.
If it’s not due to the styloids but an elongated C1 process, he would be able to refer you to another specialist at Addenbrooks.
It does sound as if you have Intracranial Hypertension- have you has your pressure measured? I know how rough I felt, & your symptoms sound worse than mine! Mr Axon had considered getting the fluid drained with me initially but decided getting the styloids out would be more helpful, which I was glad about; I don’t know if that would be helpful while you’re waiting to see Mr Axon? Have you seen anyone about the IH symptoms, you don’t want to have permanent damage to your optic nerve?
I feel for you, like I say, I know how rough I felt…hope that you can get some treatment soon :hugs:

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Hi Natty04 -

If the clear fluid leaking out of your nose isn’t typical nasal mucus, there is a possibility you have a CSF leak. That could be caused by high IH. Getting treatment soon does seem fairly urgent. I hope you’re able to get the testing done soon that Jules has mentioned.

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