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Finally surgery tomorrow!

I have been numb over incision and jaw since 1/7. Dr. said would take 6 months to a year - so I am working on patience. Keep the faith!

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Thanks to you both @sjlash @SewMomma!

I was trying to research natural nerve growth supplements.
Also have read regrowth is slow So patience is definitely key!
Eating is interesting.sticking to soft foods because of sore throat, probably from breathing tube, and sore in ear/ jaw joint.

I sucked on Vick’s cough drops for 4 days after surgery. Terrible sore throat.

A little nervous to share the initial picture because the incision seems quite large compared to others and im not quite sure why yet. I have yet to ask my follow up questions. This is before the swelling kicked in.

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Hi there. That looks like some of the other ones I’ve seen on this site from the past. The irony is that when I had my first surgery in January, I was disappointed with how SMALL my incision was compared to some other pictures that had been posted last year. I was worried he didn’t get enough and jealous of the longer incisions because I wanted as much gone as possible. I now see after being on here for close to a year now that there’s so much individuality in our bodies, surgeons, cases and needs that I go with the “to compare is to despair” philosophy. You got what you needed from your surgeon. We all have to trust in that. As my dear aunt would say when I tell her I need to clean my house, “Dim the lighting”.


Mine looks about like that. I, too, recently have been seeing the shorter incisions and was like “why is mine so much bigger?”. SewMomma has it right, don’t compare. My thought is our Dr.'s just want to see the whole landscape and anything less is unacceptable for them. The scar will heal - mine took much longer than I would like (5-6months) - but it looks good now and so will yours.

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TiredMomma4 -

Your incision looks REALLY GOOD! It looks like your surgeon cut right along your neck crease. Guaranteed you won’t even be able to see the incision in about 6 months. I developed a double half chin after my first surgery because of the swelling. I looked really funny w/ half of the under side of my jaw hanging down. I was glad when the fluid finally reabsorbed! Also good job lying down w/ your head elevated!! That will pay great dividends.

You are right that your sore throat is most likely from the breathing tube. That is a common post op ailment for just that reason. Your throat should feel better in a week or so.
As far as your numbness goes, there are different opinions as to how to stimulate nerve growth/recovery. I have had recommended to me to gently rub the numb area w/ a variety of items w/ different textures i.e. wash cloth, soft toothbrush, cotton ball, smooth fabric (pillowcase) & expose it to cold (best for now) & heat (save for another week or so) over the course of a day. This will help wake up the nerves. You should probably wait at least a week & maybe two before doing this so your incision can heal & your swelling (which is likely causing some of the problem) can begin to abate.

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At least it could be a talking point if anyone asks what you’ve had done, spread the word about ES! Doctors have different techniques for this surgery, the important thing is getting the surgery done right.
As isaiah says, when done in the crease of the neck & aren’t very visible later.
Thinking of you & hope that you heal soon :bouquet:

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I’m a week post op. Swelling down, and incision looks good. Still numb in a small area. The ligament was cut and he took the bone all the way back. He said it won’t regrow.

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So happy for you!! Continue to get good rest, let your lovely angel children take care of you. Sending good healing your way :purple_heart:

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That is GREAT NEWS, Tiredmomma4! DO NOT be discouraged if some of your symptoms come & go over the next few months. You may even experience some new ones as your nerves heal. Please keep in mind two things - 1) Listening to your body & not overdoing for the first couple of months post op will help you heal faster, and 2) It can take 6-12 months for nerves to fully heal so numbness, tingly & even some pain may follow you for awhile. Take deep breaths & know your body is working hard to heal. It asks for your patience.

I agree w/ JustBreathe - let your family help you in any/every way possible.


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So glad to hear your healing is going well! Now, put that box down. Your still not allowed to over do it with packing :laughing:

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Good, healing prayers still coming your way…

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So my follow-up went great and surgeon said he cut lower and a little bigger so it would be in my neck crease. Almost a month post op. Still inflames if I do too much.

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Tiredmomma ~

Your scar looks FANTASTIC! I promise it will disappear as the months pass. Mine are nearly invisible now (took +/- 6 months post op) & I was 58 when I had my surgeries so not at an age where I expected such good results. The redness & puffiness will go away entirely.

How are you feeling? Expect any residual symptoms or pain to gradually disappear over the next year. Some symptoms can be more persistent than others.

Reminder - since you have bilateral ES, you may begin to experience new symptoms that you will want to assign the “My ES surgery didn’t work” label to. Do not do that! Any symptoms that linger may be coming from your remaining styloid. It’s very common that even a “silent partner” becomes vocal once the first side is taken care of. Hopefully that won’t happen in your case, but if it does you know what to do to take care of it.

Would you recommend that we add Dr. Chang to our US ES Doctors List based on your experience with him? We’re always looking for good surgeons to add to our list.

So glad your recovery is moving in the right direction!!

That looks great! It is easy to overdo things & feel worse, that’ll happen for a while yet unfortunately… I guess it’s not easy for you to rest though! Hope things keep improving, thinking of you…

Wow- that looks really great!! Nice considerate work by your surgeon, it will disappear in the neck crease for sure. You are my inspiration!

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You all are amazing! Thank you thank you for helping me though this!

I am being really positive with all of this and focusing on all improvements.

Headache, gone. Pain swallowing, gone. Yawning pain, gone.


That’s great! :slight_smile::bouquet:

Yes, yes and yesssssss!!!

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