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Oh happy day!!! I just had the most fabulous and productive Dr.’s appointment I ever had!!
I met with a top Oral and Maxillofacial Dr. who practices in my area but also teaches classes at UCLA. It’s so refreshing to sit down for nearly 2hrs being heard by an extremely knowledgeable Doctor!!! God really lead me to him and placed me in the right hands!!

I couldn’t believe he knew all about Eagle Syndrome and is currently working on bringing awareness to the medical field!! He feels it’s highly misdiagnosed and under-diagnosed! He wants to interview me and bring my story to his students and colleagues! But not only that, in his lectures he wants to include the Eagle Support Group for a resource. So, with the moderator’s permission he would like to do that.

He put all my fears to rest about the calcification mentioned on my last post. He said it’s very common, sees it all the time, and non-life threatening!!! In fact he said neurologist don’t even order CT scans of the spine anymore because they find so much calcifications and typically they never cause a problem and when they do trust me your body sends off the alarm!! :rotating_light:

He did a very complete thorough examination and said the cause of my ear pain, and unbalance/dizziness is from my TMJ joint being pulled on from very tight masseter muscles (We can thank stress & ES for that!!!) which makes my jaw crack & pop, which sends an inflammatory response to ear, which narrows Eustachian Tube, causing pain, popping, fullness, equilibrium problems, bad posture, anxiety, and raises blood pressure. He unraveled and explained all my chronic pain issues perfectly!!!

He gave me some great stretching exercises, breathing techniques, and wants me to download an App called No Clenching.

I’ll return in 2 weeks and see if there is improvement and if not he’s going to fit me for a bite guard that I’ll wear every night to allow the muscles to rest and heal.

So, there you have it folks, I think I’m going to be ok and I have hope again that I’ll make a full recovery!! Praise the Lord!!!

Thanks for all your prayers!!! :kissing_heart: :heart:


Christy, that’s amazing! So pleased prayers have been answered & that you have hope for a recovery! It’s great that there are doctors out there aware of ES & wanting to spread the word! I’m sure him mentioning the site is not a problem, although we’re obviously not medically trained, it’s a peer support group for those with ES- usually doctors aren’t impressed with what we do! Who was the doctor you saw, can you give his name? Does he do surgery as well?
Really hoping that the bite guard & the exercises helps you, big hugs!


That is absolutely fantastic, Christy! Thank you for your comprehensive explanation!

How exciting that someone from the medical community is actually interested in our forum rather than critical of it!

Please let us know how the exercises you were given work for you. I’m praying for the best possible outcome.



I saw Dr.Kenneth Moore DDS . He doesn’t do Eagle Syndrome surgery but has knowledge about the condition.

Okay, thanks- shame he doesn’t, he sounds great!