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From Periodontist to ENT within a month

Hi DeeG,

I totally understand & sympathize with your hearing/listening intolerance & inability to keep up w/ group conversations. I was diagnosed w/ Meniere’s Disease (left ear only) from a cycling head injury I sustained between my ES surgeries. A Meniere’s flare totally messes w/ my mind as well as my hearing. I love music but have a hard time listening to it for any length of time anymore. I do better w/ one on one conversation, etc. I recently had surgery to halt the hearing loss I was sustaining from Meniere’s. It may have saved me from having further hearing loss but has completely changed how my left ear hears. I should have done more homework before opting for surgery but must say, I’ve had no symptom flares since Feb when the surgery was done.

Your vocal strain when talking & the noises you hear in your ears are often associated w/ ES & usually subside after surgery.

I’m glad you’re finally getting some answers from this forum to long unanswered questions about your health. Please ask any questions you have! We’re here to support & encourage you.

Thanks for kind words. I had a diagnosis of Meniere and that was reversed also. I just cannot get a diagnosis that pans out.

There’s a site online called whooshers.com, lots of info about pulsatile tinnitus, not always answers to it, but you might find it interesting. Big hugs to you…

Hi DeeG,

Unfortunately, ES symptoms mimic symptoms of many other problems so it’s hard to definitively diagnose it w/o a CT scan, & even then, as you have experienced, there is still debate. Seems each doctor has a different definition of what constitutes ES even w/ the definition that has been set for it. Makes it hard on those suffering from ES to get diagnosed & treated.

I’m hoping you can make contact w/ one of the more experienced ES doctors listed on our forum Doctors’ List to get a further opinion.