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Gabapentin effectiveness


Has anybody experience relief of ES with Gabapentin.(If so, what dosage) I’m experiencing side effects but I’m not sure if there worth it… My throat is really bothering me and I’m feeling a little anxious today. I have an appointment with my pain Doctor on Thursday and I’m hoping to schedule a cat scan… I would like to avoid surgery but if surgery is absolutely necessary, then I’m ready for that!


I was on Gabapentin for sciatic pain in legs and feet and my Dr switched me to Gralise which is supposed to be a faster acting form of Gabapentin. I have received some relief I think in my legs and feet, but I’ve noticed no improvement in my ES. I’m on 1200 mg of Gralise daily now.
Good luck and God bless.


Hi Nick,

Most people on this forum who try anti-seizure/nerve pain meds for pain control of ES don’t find they help long-term. There may some temporary relief or partial relief, but sadly, the only way to recovery from this “dirty bird” is surgery. Though surgery is a scary thought, you may come to a point where it feels like your best option. I actually looked forward to it & am so thankful for the positive changes it’s made in my life.


How do you get people to actually help… I’ve been to so many doctor’s and they don’t day anything about surgery!


If you can see a doctor experienced in ES, then they’re more likely to offer to help. The surgery is tricky & risky, so most don’t want to try it! Alot of members have had to travel a long way to see Dr Samji or Dr Cognetti for example, as they seem to have done the most ES surgeries in the US.
If that’s not possible for you, then try a skull base surgeon/ otolaryngologist, or a head & neck cancer surgeon, as they’re used to operating in the same area- I think there’s been more members getting lucky that way rather than with ENTs recently. Good luck!


It’s just difficult… How do we know that we aren’t crazy… When the whole world is telling you there is nothing wrong… It’s exhausting!


Trust me when I tell you, YOU AREN’T CRAZY! ES symptoms are very wide ranging because of the number of cranial nerves & vascular tissues that reside in the same area of the neck as the styloids. Doctors aren’t used to evaluating symptoms of irritated cranial nerves & thus don’t check for that as an option. So, the bizarre or disabling symptoms caused by ES are dismissed as psychological or emotionally based because they can’t explain them any other way. In turn this makes the ES patient begin to question his/her sanity without cause. ES by itself can make one feel crazy because of pain & other associated symptoms.
My recommendation would be to contact Dr. Samji’s ofc & request a telephone consult. You will need to send him your CT scans. He does charge for a phone consult but at the very least, you’ll feel validated rather than dismissed at the end of your conversation. That in itself should be helpful for you. You will need to contact his medical assistant as she sets up his appointments - kimberly @ caminoent .com (Leave the spaces out when typing email address. They have to be included here or the site blocks the address)
I hope this info helps you.