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Great to hear you have a date and can move forward another step! As far as the styloid puncturing anything - not possible. We tend to think of this bone floating in open space but in reality is layered very deeply in connective tissue, muscle, fat - loads of layers, and that will protect the end of the styloid from doing any weird poking around. I would recommend just reminding your surgeon of the ES and letting him know you are concerned about it for his surgery during your pro-op consent signing time. That way it is fresh in his brilliant mind as you head to the OR. He will having all of your imaging up in the OR and that will be helpful as well.

I will be thinking of you on Oct 17th, get good rest, eat clean and stay hydrated up until then!
Peace and all good

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I can understand your worries, it could well aggravate the ES symptoms & will make recovery harder, such a shame they can’t do both at the same time but I know you’ve explored that…I think some members have had cervical surgery before ES, so maybe someone can comment on it. But we’ll be routing for you & praying for you! :pray::+1:

Thanks Jules…I thought I remembered someone speaking about having cervical issues as well. I’ve put it off about as long as I can so onward and upward - hopefully (I’ve changed my mind a couple times already)! Then I remind myself that it has too be better than this…:sunflower:

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Thank you…thinking about getting a good lymph drain massage a couple weeks before!

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WHEEE!! You’re on your way to a better life! One step at a time, one surgery at a time. You’ll get there! I’m so glad you’ve scheduled phase one. JustBreathe & Jules have given you good info & advice.

I will put your surgical date on my calendar so I can pray for you especially that day.


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Thanks everyone for all the encouragement…I hope this apprehension gets lighter rather than stronger in the coming days! Back story…I had what should have been a really simple surgery like the kind they used to do in the doctor’s office about a year ago. But since they don’t do things in that barbaric fashion anymore, I had full blown surgery. Since that surgery I’ve had problems with the index finger palm pad. From day one the place where they gave me an additional numbing shot after I was out has been painful - some days more so than others. I told myself before that surgery that I would see how this simple thing went to help decide about starting on the neck! So you see my issue here! I know that I must have this surgery but…:roll_eyes: here we go with MORE scar tissue (it’s come into play before)!!! Apparently my body is really good at making it!:medal_sports:
Not looking for a pity party…just venting! :nerd_face:

Hi kiZ36159 -

Sometimes scar tissue can be minimized by laser after it has formed. If it’s deeply internal, then low dose radiation is sometimes used. I wonder if your index finger palm pad is hurting because a nerve was hit as they numbed it. We have learned from ES surgery & nerve damage that it can take up to a year or more for nerve damage to recover. In my experience, a section along my jawline that was numb after surgery continued to gain sensation for several years post op.

You can try gently massaging the pad area to stimulate circulation, whenever you think about it, which just might help that nerve heal more over time. Also, making a fist then spreading your fingers wide repeatedly to mobilize the area might help. Sometimes irritated nerves respond well to stimulation by different textures i.e. fork tines/toothpick (gentle poking), wash cloth, toothbrush bristles, soft towel. Variety is key. Doing this type of stimulation several times a day for a month might also make a difference.

You’ll do great in your spinal surgery. I’m so glad you’ve progressed in taking this BIG step.


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Isaiah…you always have the answers a body needs to hear! I have been doing massage on that area from the get go. Though admittedly in the beginning, because it stayed numb for so long. I had an appt over the summer to see the finger surgeon again about it but cancelled because I just didn’t want to deal with the new and exciting part of figuring out what the problem is or the expense of it and especially knowing I would be coming up against the cervical surgery in Oct. I am determined to get that back on my list of things just in case it is something that can be or needs to be corrected! I will try the variety thing though - certainly can’t hurt AND more stretching. I swear the surgeon must have jabbed that needle clear through my hand/bone/joint!!! Hugs to you for making me feel better!

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I’m glad I helped you, kiZe6159, am looking forward to great results from the cervical spine surgery. Date is on my calendar. :blush:

Just a quick note for everyone…my cervical spine surgery has been pushed back to Nov. 7th. Was suppose to be tomorrow, but when I went to the hospital last week for my pre-op tests, I saw the procedure notes and about freaked out! It said fusion from C3 to C7! That’s almost my whole neck and not what I thought we were doing. So, I immediately called to push the surgery back and schedule an emergency appt with my neuro. I know by looking at my last MRI comments that all of that is warranted but I thought we were only doing 4, 5 & 6 to help bring the reversed curvature back to where it should be, put in some new disc materials and shave off those spurs. My husband was with me for the appointment when we discussed the surgery as well and he was a surprised as me. So, the emergency appointment is this afternoon and I will update as soon as I can. I am NOT ready to have my range of motion so drastically affected, but I also don’t want to do this again in a year. That’s when I’m hoping to be addressing OTHER issues with my neck! :nerd_face:

I’m sorry that this has all changed; what a shock! I hope you can get some clarity on what’s needed, & pray that tge right decisions are made…let us know when you can, hugs to you.

You are very wise to have postponed your surgery, kiZe615. What was the result of your emergency appointment? I hope your surgeon was able to explain his reasoning for the change of plan & to listen to your concerns. Did you arrive at a surgical plan that was acceptable to both of you?

Yes, we had an extended discussion and show and tell about my cervical issues! I have severe issues at upper with reverse curvature in the middle and severe issues at the bottom! We (me - my hubby - doc) are all on the same page now and I am much more at peace about it than I have ever been. Re-scheduled for Nov 7th though Insurance is currently denying! You guys are so awesome - thank you so much for being my sounding board!

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Glad you have a plan sorted now, & all clear on what’s to happen…will put that date down for prayer!