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Going the non-surgical route - Prolotherapy

I've found a doctor who does Prolotherapy, so I am trying that before surgery. I don't think my symptoms are as bad as some of you on this site, so I am not as desperate. So far I've had three appointments - two of just manipulations of the jaw and neck area and one for prolo injections. It is helping! The sensation of fullness in my ear and stiffness in my neck have lessened quite a bit.

I'm also talking with my dentist, as my bite has changed quite a bit over the years because of dental work. My jaw is not at the same angle it was when I was younger. So braces may be in my future. Unfortunately, medicare doesn't cover them. Sigh.

I think no matter which route you choose, a lot of the outcome depends on the skill of the doctor. I am very pleased with mine. I live in the Louisville, KY area and I am seeing Dr. Steven Johnson of Evergreen Medical Center in Jeffersonville, IN. He is a doctor of osteopathy, so he knows his bones! He knew what Eagle's syndrome was when I brought it up to him and he discussed alternatives with me. I'm going to have 2 more prolo injections, alternated with physical manipulations. One appointment a week, so this will last another month. Then we'll reevaluate and decide what's next.

Hope my experience helps anyone trying to decide what to do. I'll be glad to give my feedback on any questions you might have.

Thanks for teaching me something new, Scrappy. I had to look up prolotherapy. Here is a Wall Street Journal article, for anyone who is interested in learning more: http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304410504575560214236534310

It sounds like further studies are needed. In the meantime, we will be interested to hear about your experience, Scrappy.

Interesting article. I have not had any negative side effects. Only felt a small pin prick when the needle was inserted, but I understand that there was a numbing agent in the solution. Yes, my doctor mixed his own concoction to inject. Not sure exactly what was in it, but I did make sure there were not animal fluids as I was leery of an allergic reaction.

I'll be having three actual injections and then we'll reevaluate. I understand the reluctance of the medical community to accept prolo, but I also understand that there is a lot that the medical community does not understand. If it works for me, even if it is a placebo effect, I'll take it.

I'll keep you posted.

thank you for sharing this info!!

Yes Thank you for sharing. Didn't know this was an option..

Hi! Did prolotherapy and the manipulations help you?