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Good doctor?


Has anyone here seen Dr. Taylor in MD?


I saw Dt Taylor in October after being diagnosed by a local ENT. The resident did the physical exam (you can clearly feel the styloid in the back of my throat) Dr Taylor said he thought that I had migraines and the his diagnosis would come from imaging. He did no physical exam himself. He ordered CT and MRI. The CT showed calcified styloid but the radiologist didn’t specify what side. He had me call his office when I was done with the scans so he could look at them. I did and 10 days later I still had not heard from him. I called the office and he called me back, said he was going to clarify with the radiologist which side. I had access to all the reports via a patient portal the imaging company has. Long story short he never called me back. I could have called the office but frankly I don’t want to work with a doctor I have to chase down. I work in health care and I know crappy office staff can reflect poorly on the doctor but I don’t want to deal with an office that doesn’t have their stuff together. I have my CT and MRI now, I plan to go to Philly to see Cognetti in the spring. I need to save up money, I was hoping to have surgery through Taylor before the end of the year since I had met my 5000$ deductible. Now I’m back at square one and have to save up the money to cover my deductible.


I’m sorry to hear that! I live in VA and have an appointment with Cognetti on the 13th and then found out about Taylor and got an appointment on the 14th. I was planning to go to Taylor since it’s closer but now I’m not sure.


Hi there Tmcasciano! I was just recently told I had elongated styloid processes/calcified stylohyoid ligaments. This was found on a CT scan with and without contrast. I was having the CT scan done because I had a head injury. When I was told about the findings I started researching Eagles Syndrome and felt validated for all the things going on with me that I would just put off to allergies (throat pain, scratchy voice, trouble swallowing, feeling of something in back of throat, waking up choking), stress (heart palpitations, feeling of heartburn, cluster headaches on one side or other). I was so happy to find this site! I have been trying to find a Dr. to see for the first time about this. I saw Dr. Taylor’s name on here and was going to call and make an appt., but after reading this I’m not sure. Could you please tell me if you did or did not end up seeing Dr. Taylor? And what you ended up having done and how you are? Thank you so much and I do hope you are doing well.


Hi there-
I had a styloidectomy with Dr. Taylor last April and he was great! I have not had any symptoms since.

Best wishes!


Thank you so much for getting back to me, and I’m so glad you’re doing well!