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Great Dr in los angeles UCLA just had ES surgery

I just had surgery on Monday 10-7-19 at UCLA wanting to let people know about a top Dr there Dr Mendelsohn and also to ask for feedback on my recovery. Second day and still having pain in throat area but seams like it may just be from the surgery. Can anyone give me their experience with recovery and timing

Thank you for the info on the doctor; always good to have more names! Did you have external or intra-oral surgery?
It is still very early days for you- swelling peaks about days 3-5, so that can cause symptoms still. Also if you’ve had intra-oral, then obviously it will still be painful in the throat for a few weeks. If it was external then there can be pain still from being intubated.
We did reply to your other post too- nerves can be irritated from surgery, so can take several months to heal. So try not to worry, all seems normal for now, & make sure you don’t overdo things, it can set healing back!

Hi ronowe,

I had external styloidectomy from skull base include in S-H ligament as well as venoplasty to the IJV. The jaw pain and fullness in my ear lasted for ~2 weeks, sore throat and mouth soreness from the intra oral nerve monitoring lasted ~ 2 weeks as well. I was fortunate not to have any nerve pain or damage aside from the numbness under my jaw to the top of the incision, which is still there but fading. I am now 7 weeks post op. Hope this is helpful! Best wishes for you and your recovery!

I had the external surgery Just that after one day I am now having pain at base of tongue and back of throat again which is where it was before. Only thing I’d say is it does not feel as much like a toothpick sticking me. Just strange to have the basic same pain. In some ways more intense then it was just before. But Dr said my Styloid was very stressed, whatever that means, so hoping it’s just the nerves taking there time to settle in after a year of irritation. Any other thoughts welcome, This is such a great forum!!

It is hard not to let your brain go sideways when the pain at the base of your tongue and throat feels similar, but not feeling like a toothpick stick is a good sign! Those areas will definitely be sore from the breathing tube being put in, sitting there for the duration of the surgery and then being pulled out when they finished. That is completely normal to be sore there for several days. If you had any nerve monitoring, which would include putting small EMG needles in your tongue and palette, would also increase your post op soreness. Give it more time before you think anything wild, this surgery really does call for loads of time and patience on the healing end. Hang in there!

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Thanks you you have been such a bright light!! Yes the mind goes a wondering

Can you look at my most recent post on Post op appt timing.