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Great surgeon in CT (for ES)


Hi! I just wanted to check in to see how you are doing since surgery? Remind me did u have internal or external? And one or both sides? My ENT surgeon says he doesnt want anyone to operate on me for this bc its very dangerous. I may call ur doctor for a 2nd opinion bc i am in CT. I am doing physical therapy which honestly i dont think is doing anything. The tmjd treatment has helped me significantly. All my symptoms gone except sharp pains in neck. I am still waiting to hear back from my surgeon to review all my scans and get back to me. Its been weeks. It took forver for me to get him the disc images of the scans and not just the radiologist write up. Lmk how ur feeling? How long was ur recovery? Did u do tmjd treatment as well? What were your eagles symptoms?


Hi Cupcake,
I just replied to your Private message.
But, I am doing great since my surgery. I had internal. I don’t know about it being very dangerous. I suppose it can be, I never thought about it. I was in so much pain i didn’t care. I was at a point where something just HAD to give.
Symptoms were awful. the best way I can describe it was like swallowing pieces of glass.
Also, no, I was not having any TMJ therapy. Although I do have TMJ from clenching my teeth when I sleep. But that’s another story.
What I had that sent me to Dr. Sasaki was DEFINITELY Eagle Syndrome…Without a doubt. Such sharp pains even just to swallow my own saliva, chew food, or speak. It was debilitating. To the point where I had to leave my job because I literally could not function any longer. I had 24/7 severe pain for over 2 months. I was ready to just go find a bridge and jump, LOL
Prior flare ups would only last a few days. That went on for about 7 yrs. So when I got to this last point, I knew I had no choice but to make someone listen and get someone to DO SOMETHING about it. because prior DRs would tell me they didn’t know what to say but that they couldn’t find anything wrong. One actually just wanted to take my tonsils out because he couldn’t find anything. Ummmmm, NO!!! There’s no reason to take those out if there isn’t anything wrong with them.
Recovery was pretty fast (for most things). I felt relief immediately. I honestly woke up pain free. I took it easy for several weeks just to be on the safe side. Stitches in my throat were gone in…I want to say a week or so.
As far as swallowing, that took a little time to get normal again. I mean he did just mess in there with all those nerves so that makes sense. I could swallow fine right away but it was weaker on the one side. Oh yeah, I only had the right side done. I PRAY SO MUCH that I never have to have the other side done.
OK well, anything I forgot or any other questions, feel free to contact me. I sent you my email since I don’t always get on here.
Wishing you lots of luck and I hope that you’ve gotten in there by now.