Hello Everyone

I am new here and got diagnosed last week . I am emotionally drained from the journey with a list of Dr.s and treatments that is too long to write about ! Ultimately thanks to the Internet and YouTube I diagnosed myself and the Neurologist I was seeing never even heard of ES and he has been a Doc for 25 years . Long story short I’m a musician I play Guitar harmonica and sing . The harmonica is what I believe gave me ES from the constant clinching my symptoms started Headaches trigeminal occipital cranial nerves going bonkers plus Tmj pains . It’s great to know there are people I can confide in who understand just how daunting this condition can be . I’m researching treatments and I ran across Dr. Ross Hauser at Caring medical center in Fort Myers Florida . Does anyone have any info on him or his Prolotherapy procedure ? I would appreciate your feedback !

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Hi Tim,

We have several members who have tried prolotherapy as a treatment for ES symptoms, & it really didn’t provide any long-term help. I think prolotherapy sounds great in theory, but unfortunately, with ES, the solution is getting the elongated styloids &/or calcified stylohyoid ligaments removed. That is what allows the irritated nerves & vascular tissues to recover & reduces or eliminates the ES symptoms.

You will save time & money by going to a doctor who will more assertively deal with your ES. There are a number of good ES surgeons in FL if that’s a good place for you to go for treatment. Dr. Bunnel & Dr. Fernandez have good recent reviews from our members.