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Help, need advice


I woke up this morning with what feel like a small soft bump on the left side of my neck which is also the ES side :(. I am not due to see Mr Axon until the end of the month. I am kinda freaking out a bit as it is on the ES side and not the other. Should I be concerned or am I worrying over nothing? Any advice is appreciated.



First thought is a swollen lymph node which are plentiful in our neck. Do you feel sick, “under the weather” or have a fever? A swollen and tender lymph node can be a sign our body is fighting an infection (viral or bacterial). Staying hydrated is helpful to flush our lymph system. Of course if it persists for a few days it would be good to have your primary care physician take a look. Hope you are feeling much better very soon! :sunflower:

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I think lots of members have had swollen lymph nodes with ES, you could search for that on the site & hopefully that will reassure you?

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Hi xAngelx35 -

Is the bump painful if you poke it? Swollen lymph nodes are often tender to the touch. That could be another defining criterion for your bump.

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Hi Isaiah, no the bump/lump is not hard or painful. It is soft and noticable. I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately but I am just worried as this is on only on my ES side and my throat/tongue have swelled up in the past and I nearly choked to death. Luckily for me, my dad was there at that time and saved me. So feel a bit panicky when something like this happens :(.


That’s understandable, can you see your GP?

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Hi Jules, yeah I got an emergency appointment. The doctor checked my ears and nothing wrong there, even tho I have been having a lot of pain in left ear.
Then checked neck and throat and it feel tender under jaw left side. Then he looked at the lump/bump and has now referred me for an ultrasound to rule anything more serious out. The ultrasound appointment will be in about 2 or 3 weeks. If Mr Axon’s appointment comes first I will ask him to look at it and see what he thinks.

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Hi xAngelx35,
My ES journey started with severe pain in my neck with pain in my ears and its still my most prevalent symptom today. The best way to describe the pain is like the onset of the flu - when you glands swell and it becomes difficult to swallow. Almost one year later and 20 different doctors and test and I am now scheduled for surgery. My surgeon said that the pain in the neck, feeling like the lymph nodes are swollen is one of the main symptoms.

You are your best advocate. Follow through until you get the answers you need…

All the best.


So grateful to hear you are moving forward with a medical eye. I agree about being your own advocate, especially in our medical system today. A pleasant squeaky wheel goes a very long ways. Wishing you the best!

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Glad you’re on the road to getting a diagnosis, hope the wait is not too long…

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Hi Jules, I was shocked at the speed at how quick my appointment is. My scan is on Wednesday, so only 3 days to wait. Not sure if that is a good or bad sign as I was expecting to wait 3 weeks for an appointment. I have everything crossed.

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Will pray for you & hope that it’s nothing to worry about!

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Good luck xAngelx35, one step at a time. Sending good energy to you and your medical team :sparkles::rainbow:

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xAngelx35 -

I will be praying that all is well for you, too! So glad you got such a quick appt.!


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Just an update. I have had my scan today and I am over the moon that the lump/bump is nothing to worry about :). It was a lymph node on the thyroid. I am just so relieved I am ok apart from the ES. Then the doctor was talking to me about the ES and told me he knew people at the hospital who can help with my ES. WTH? why didn’t anyone tell me I could of seen someone at the local hospital.



So fantastic to hear your good news!

I think there’s a good chance the people at the hospital who “could have” helped you w/ ES would have ended up being “dead end roads”. Our experience here is that there are many doctors who know about ES, but a lot of them feel surgery is worthless & doesn’t really help. It would be interesting for you to get a name & maybe check someone else out while you await your other ES appt. IF you could get an appt that quickly. I know the medical system in GB can require a bit of waiting. It would be great to add to the ES doctor’s list for your country!

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That’s great news! Would be interesting to know if there is anyone who would seriously help!