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Is anything showing on this Scan are far as Eagles styloids/hyoid issues? thanks

If anyone can see something Please circle points Please thank you Lots xx This is a Friends Scan you are Welcome to download & circle the points here & post it below she already has Pins in spine for Scoliosis operation in 2011 she is quite ill now still

has not had the CT Scan with Contrast yet. I wonder if 3D can be done on here as well if possible? thanks everyone appreciated Aidan Walsh

Aidan, if you search for ’ making your own 3D images tutorial’, there’s info one of our members did about getting 3D images. I’m not technical enough to download it & circle anything…the styloids don’t look obvious like on some scans, the only thing I can see is a little pointy shadow in the corner of each jaw bone, that looks styloid shaped, but I’m not expert enough to say definitely I’m afraid, sorry!

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thanks Jules do you mean at the top each side of Jaws just below the Whiter shade of the upper Jaw?

Hi Aidan,

I’ve marked what looks like the styloids to me, however, from the angle of this x-ray, they don’t look elongated. I can’t see the s-h ligaments so can make no comment. I am not a doctor so waiting for the CT scan results is best.

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Isaiah thanks so very much she will be Happy something shows but yes CT Contrast is best

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Yes, Isaiah is better at the tech stuff :joy: that’s what I was looking at. It’s not just the length but the width & angle too, something to bear in mind.

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thanks Jules I sent it to her she is now trying to go Private on CT Contrast Scan hopefully they do the right proper imaging she is in Croatia now

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