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Is this normal (post-surgery)

Well that’s good- unfortunately intraoral can be more painful to recover from…will keep praying for you :bouquet::pray:

Good job researching & finding a possible plausible answer, premedmom. Please let us know what your doctor says when you see him.

Quick update. It’s been 2 months since surgery and I’m doing well. The overall “eagle syndrome pain” and restricted feeling is 90% gone. What a relief!

BUT i do still have an issue with a constant feeling of something stuck in the back
of my throat. It feels as if there is something poking the back of my tongue on that same side. It’s so low I cannot get a photo, and I feel like it’s not scar tissue because it is sharp. I’ve been patiently hoping it will go away, but it’s irritating and pokey enough that I’d like to see my dr again and have him look at it.

Anyone else deal with this after Intra oral surgery ?

This is a good question premedmom, & I think there was someone who had a similar issue, somewhat recently. Can’t remember who it was though. You could try searching posts w/ that subject by using the gray magnifying glass icon above.

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