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Hello everyone! I waited to update until I had something good to say. VA sent me to UAMS and doctor says the reason I have no diagnosis is VA did not do the test needed to see cartoid artery.
This doctor who is scheduled out for months had a cancellation, thank you all who sent good thoughts my way! I hurt so bad the past few weeks I could see myself sad and breaking… I had to get urgent appointment with PCP for my ears. Not more than an hour later the UAMS scheduler called me for an appointment today. It was a very good appointment! I don’t want to get excited about a diagnosis, but I may get one before Thanksgiving. From my biased impression he is looking at cartoid artery impingement. Lately, I feel like I fade out when I look in my passenger rearview mirror. Before anyone saw me the technician said the right side of your neck is swollen. I told her you’re the first person to notice without me asking. Who gets excited about a doctor’s appointment, right?! I am relieved to get to next step of CT Angiogram with contrast. If there are anymore cancellations I will be high on the list to get appointment. Yippee! I think this is the forum I belong on. I like reading your insights, successes and setbacks… I pray for and with you everyday!

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Hi DeeG~

HOORAY for progress!! :clap: Make sure your head is in a “provocative” position when you get that CT angiogram. If you’re in neutral, the carotid won’t be impinged & the test won’t show any problem. Your head must be in the position that causes you to have your symptoms for an accurate & revealing test result.

I’m glad you’re here whether or not you get diagnosed w/ ES in the end.


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Great news for you! Hope that it shows what’s going on…

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