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"Just ignore that"


Wow…I can’t even imagine life without jaw popping. My right side is really bad - pops so loudly sometimes when I am eating that it sounds and feels like I just broke something! My husband can even hear it!


We are all different. I think TMJ is definitely worse with Eagles.


Thanks everyone for all the input. I’m oddly happy to report that after 3 years of being told I’m nuts I just looked at my doctor’s diagnosis and it does say Eagle Syndrome. The MRI cannot exclude having Eagle Syndrome. So my next steps are going to be physical therapy for my jaw and neck and go from there. I will be discussing with my dentist and regular doctor as well so everyone is on the same page.


Should you decide to have ES surgery, Dr. John Milligan is in your neck of the woods & has done ES surgery for several members on this forum. Most recently I think is BanDruid7. She had a great outcome from her surgery with him. You could privately email her to discuss the details of her surgery.