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Kansa City MO

A CT scan diagnosed me with Eagle’s syndrome. I was concentrating on the large cysts in my sinus, the TMJ, and jaw joint that’s severely impaired that I totally read right over the Eagle comments. DUH! I have an appointment with Dr Andrew Coughlin in Omaha Neb on Monday; I have tried to contact DR Mathew Conoyer in St Louis area, but without any success, Does anybody have any info in those DR? I’m not a huge KU med fan. Also, if one would go out of the area for surgery can you fly home? Yes, I have most of the symptoms, probably for years. They just became a problem the last several months. I am very holistic and I will call my acupuncturist and apologize. I told her she needed to work on her input of needles. Appreciate any input. My PT wants to know if TMJ effects how the surgery should be done?

Hi Painfree,

You’ve asked some good questions. Here is a link for Dr. Conoyer that I found on the internet. I hope it’s helpful: https://entmidwest.com/our-practice/dr-j-matthew-conoyer/

And here is info about Dr. Coughlin: https://health.usnews.com/doctors/andrew-coughlin-810523

Both doctors have the specialty we recommend seeking out for ES surgery - ENT w/ skull-based surgical experience. Though their websites don’t specifically say they’re skull-based surgeons, the descriptions of what each does speaks to that end. I do think it’s worthwhile going to Dr. Coughlin on Mon. & then perhaps getting a second opinion. Many of us have done that. I’m not finding any posts on either doctor but since they’re on our doctors list, they must have done ES surgery for forum members in the past.

We tend to see better results from external surgery than intraoral as the styloids can more easily be removed at the skull base & the stylohyoid ligaments taken out as well (if not calcified, this is done to prevent future opportunity for that to happen). The nerves & vascular tissues can also be monitored during surgery whereas that’s not possible w/ intraoral surgery.

For you, another argument for external surgery would be your advanced TMJ problem. Having your mouth propped wide open for an hour of intraoral surgery will certainly not help your joint & will likely leave you in more pain in that area.

You can fly after surgery, however, some surgeons prefer that their patients stay in the area for a few days of healing post op so they can do an exam before you leave.

Not many people have had ES pain relieved by acupuncture or chiropractic care though there are a few exceptions. In some cases, chiropractic neck adjustments can be down right dangerous for people w/ ES prior to surgery.

I hope this info helps!