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Here is the updated list of doctors 2017EaglesSyndromeUSDoctors August 2017.docx (30.5 KB)

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Finding a doctor
New with ES + My experience + Tinnitus
New Here- tonsil pain!
Worried about my mom
After the diagnosis - how do you find an experienced surgeon?
Looking for Dr in Toronto / Ontario?

Please add Dr Jason Cundiff out of Crystal Lake, IL to the list. He did my surgery yesterday. He does intra oral and external surgeries. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. My surgery went perfectly (intra) and he was even able to keep my tonsil, which I am so pleased with!


His phone number is 815-■■■■■■■■
Website www,jasoncundiff.com


Hope that you soon heal and feel the benefits of surgery! Best wishes :smiley:


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Doctor Spreadsheet Update 01/20/2014

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Dr. Nawla in WI, who did my surgery, has left St. Mary’s, or is leaving very shortly . I don’t know where he is going, but thought you guys should know.


Dr jason newman in Philadelphia is on the list but not his # i will get his # and update ya :slight_smile:

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He is squeezed in there, but no contact details!


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Newbie here :blush:. I was recently diagnosed with ES by my ENT who has performed the surgery once and it was “very successful”. Just wondering if there’s a doc near me with more experience performing the surgery.

Is there an updated list somewhere? I’m in Northern VA so searching for VA, DC, MD area.


The document at the top is the latest list. It can be worth travelling if there’s no-one experienced near you.


Thanks Jules!

Would you like my ENT’s information to add him to the list since he’s done the surgery? (Albeit I believe he’s only performed it once)


The doctors on the doctor list are predominantly doctors that have done surgery for people on this forum so we have actual first hand reports about the surgical proceedings & outcomes. If you decide to have your ENT do your surgery, & you have a favorable post op report to give, that would be the time to add him to the list.



Ok thanks!


Could you add Dr Tim Makeham, Canberra, Australia, to your list please. He has experience of Eagles surgery, and removed both styloids 2 years ago. I rang around ENT specialists and asked my own doctor before choosing him. The initial diagnosis was made by my dentist and then confirmed by a nerve specialist, after 6 years of trying to track down the problem. There are other surgeons in Canberra who have performed Eagles surgery, but he got the best wrap! A lovely guy and he listened after I said both sides needed to go. He also did a nip and tuck to my palate to assist breathing as he diagnosed mild sleep apnoea also.
Highly recommend.


Great to have another Australian doctor on the list, thank you, I’ve made a note & will add him when I next update the list!