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Medications while waiting

Hello, wondering what medications have been most helpful for everyone? Least side effects. I didn’t feel as much of the nerve pain symptoms when I was on cymbalta, but I couldn’t stay on it for other reasons. Worried about fatigue, more vision changes, and weight gain with the other nerve pain meds… but I need something! Bonus if it helps with the severe depression this syndrome brings. It would be nice to have something that helps while waiting to see surgeons

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Hi Swoo,

The traditional nerve pain meds - Gabapentin, Neurontin, Amitriptyline - any drugs in those families have helped people on the forum. Your depression could also be coming from vagus nerve irritation. It’s a very busy nerve!! Perhaps getting the pain/other symptoms under control would naturally help your depression. Some people have also added a lower dose antidepressent to their regimen prior to diagnosis & surgery.

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I’ve just replied to you on another discussion about treatments before I saw this so won’t repeat it all! The nerve pain medications can be a bit of a juggle- it’s worth trying a different one if you had side effects, you might get lucky! I found Amitriptyline works well for me.
Some doctors offer lidocaine/ steroid injections into the area which can be helpful, although don’t work for everyone & aren’t a permanent solution.

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