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My Doppler ultrasound found I have stenosis


My Doppler ultrasound found that I have high velocity in my right side, same side as where I found the painful styloid bone, even though I have it bilateral. They will send me for a ct angiogram next.

Can I get any testimonies that I won’t die and have permanent damage?


How quickly will they schedule the CT angiogram?


No idea, I think the order been put in. I’m here in short stay medical at a local hospital. It’s also long weekend this weekend and dunno how much they will rush this.


It is scary, but there have been a couple of other members on here who have had the same, and been okay waiting a while for surgery… I do remember reading a discussion 3 years ago where several members could get themselves to black out by putting their head in a certain position! One of our more recent discussions on
Apr 19 ‘Occlusion Of my Jugulars Will Styloidectomy OPEN IT UP?’ has been posted by Joanna- she has had an aneurysm caused by the styloid and lived with it for quite a while as the doctors didn’t realise. Maybe read that discussion, or message her for reassurance?


It’s been crazy how bad I feel, was all just an earache and it processed quickly to pain all over my upper body and crazy weakness and gaining feeling every time I’m upright. I can’t even have strength to sit up or stand longer than 5 mins and I feel worse that when I had mono. I saw that blocked artery can cause weakness, dizziness and fatigue. They are running a ACTH adrenal challenge test on me as I write this.


I also had mono. We seem to have A LOT of similarities! I am going to message you as soon as I have the opportunity and give you my whole story. Hopefully I can be of some help.