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My Eagle Journey and Surgery


Brooklyn girl, my surgeon was dr Yosef krespi out of Lenox hill’s head and neck institute. He is very knowledgeable and brutally honest if he thinks you need surgery.


July 123 -

Those are some impressive styloids & calcified stylohyoid ligaments!! I’m impressed that you’re not in massive pain or having other crazy & debilitating symptoms!

For what it’s worth, my pain level was not a 5/10 when I had surgery. I had other symptoms which kept coming & going & were affecting my life enough that I just wanted those ol’ styloids outta there. I think using pain level as the marker for surgical need is not the best idea. Other ES symptoms (think heart issues, vertigo, gastrointestinal issues, IH, etc.) which aren’t painful can be more urgent to treat than pain. I had vagus nerve induced heart & blood pressure troubles from my elongated styloids. Those did go away post op but not immediately. Even though your heart symptoms are different than mine, you might notice that having your styloids removed calms those symptoms down.

I’m so glad to read that you’ve had a symptoms reprieve & are doing well for the moment. I do hope your surgeon decides not to retire before you need him.

It’s good to see you back on the forum.



Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I have just had surgery (a week ago) so have been looking at different people’s results. I was interested in your tinnitus as I have pulsatile tinnitus which I was hoping would get better after surgery but disappointingly it’s still there - have you still got tinnitus or has it resolved - if so when did it die down. Thanks


Thank you for the information. I appreciate it. I think having a vascular surgeon on hand is spot on and will insist upon it.

All the best to a quick recovery.


Thanks!!! Please keep me in the loop and let me know if you decide to consult with Dr Krespi.