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Plastic Surgeon


Hey ALL,

Haven’t posted in quite sometime… Finally saw a million Dr.'s… And a plastic surgeon has discovered my manubrium and sternum didn’t develop right or fully fuze when in my moms belly and my accident has made it worse… And this could be the whole reason I have “Eagles” with a fractured not fuzed sternum/manubrium, it puts strain on neck and therefore calcifies… I will be undergoing a huge chest reconstructive surgery June 5th to reset my chest and try to fix the issues to get all of this to stop…


Sorry to hear that you have to go through all that, it sounds a bit grim… hope that you soon feel better and it will help other symptoms. Thinking of you…


Hey Ang!

How did your surgery go? (Sorry if you’'ve already answered this in another post). Are you healed & has it made a difference in how you feel?