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Please someone help me


Thank you so much for your kind words


Thank you so much for the information.

I will look into this as currently my life is on hold as I don’t know from one day to the next how I will be feeling.

I am very grateful





I can’t travel much at the moment as I am unable to move my neck much.

But thank you anyway, maybe in the distant future I will join you.

Can I ask if you don’t mind what the problems were and did you have intra oral or external surgery?my entire has said he won’t take out the bones just file them down from inside my mouth.

I am concerned having it done this way after my lingual tonsillectomy 2 years ago went wrong hence still under entry.




Hi Sukinsmudge
I live in Cardiff and have recently had my second surgery (extraorally). I will private message you. :+1::blush: