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Question - What ligaments/muscles get cut?

For those who got their styloids removed, does this mean all the attachments got removed as well? Including the stylopharyngeus muscle, styloglossus muscle, stylohyoid muscle, stylomandibular ligament. Thank you for sharing!

If I’m honest, I don’t know! There’s a clip on YouTube of an intraoral surgery you could watch if you’re not squeamish, there might be others but I know some members have seen one. That might answer some of your questions.
As most of us find little or no difference with speech & swallowing after surgery, I can only presume that they all have a minimal role. If you get an appt with a surgeon, it’s a good question to ask! Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

Hi sjayjay10,

Calcification of the styloid hyoid ligament can occur along w/ styloid elongation. If it does, the stylohyoid ligament needs to be removed as well. I know of only one case where the stylomandibular ligament was also removed during ES surgery because it had some calcification & that was w/o a negative post op effect. The muscles are taken off the styloid (kind of scraped off) but not removed from the body. The muscles heal post op, & I presume fill in the space where the styloids were. The stylohyoid ligament plays a very small role in swallowing, according to Dr. Samji who is the most experienced ES surgeon on our doctors’ list. As Jules said, most people find this does not affect speech or swallowing after surgery.

There is also a video of external ES surgery on YouTube now. For a long time only the intraoral approach was posted on there.