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Thanks Jules,
That was one of the first things I thought of after discussing the surgery with the doctor. I hope it doesn’t happen but if it does I’m so grateful that I found a compassionate, knowledgeable doctor that I can turn to!:grin:


Hello - hope you have recovered well from your ES surgery with Dr Milligan. I wanted to do a followup and see how you are. I know you said your surgery went very well and you were happy with Dr Milligan - my plan is to be moved to NW Valley area during the summer UGH! and get in to see him asap. I need to have the other side removed and hoping to have it done locally and not have to travel to San Jose as I did previously. Now that you’ve had time to heal and get your voice back, was everything a success and the results what you imagined and wished for? Did you feel he was a good doctor as far as REALLY listening to you and understanding your problem? Hope to hear back form you and also hoping you are continuing to feel relief now that the dratted styloid ligament is gone :slight_smile:


Hi Gina45,
I am doing very well! I am now 5 weeks post op and I would say I’ve had about 75% symptom resolution. My only issues are I still have glossopharyngeal nerve pain but it is slowly getting better. I’ve been able to reduce my gabapentin dose by half! The doctor said it may take a long time for the nerves to heal. Also, I’m still having a difficult time talking because of surgical trauma done to the platysma muscle. Doc said give it 3 months for that to resolve. And… about a week after surgery I developed a large, very hard lump under the incision that hasn’t really gone down yet. All my other ES symptoms have completely resolved.
Dr. Milligan has been VERY compassionate and helpful. He’s a FANTASTIC doctor! The whole experience with him was excellent & I highly recommend him! He even had a maxilofacial surgeon attend my presurgical appointment the week before surgery to evaluate my TMJD just to make sure my symptoms were not being caused by the tmj disorder. He has been the only doctor to listen to me and really want to help.
FYI it took me 6 weeks to get an appointment to see him and he books surgery about 1 month out.
Best of luck to you & if you have any other questions about Dr. Milligan, please don’t hesitate to ask :grin: