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Recovery from surgery


I am scheduled for surgery 6/9/17, I am a mom of 5 kids ages 20-7. Anyone who has had surgery, how long did you have to go with out talking or eating solids??


I was fine to talk, which was one of my worries, and to smile- there have been occasionally members who’ve had irritated nerves after surgery so have had problems with this, but a lot of people don’t have problems.
The eating varies, especially whether you have intra-oral or external surgery. With intra-oral surgery, they often have to remove the tonsils, so it will be sore to eat- if you google tonsillectomies as an adult you’ll come up with lots of scary stories about how painful it is- but I think generally on here most people have had so much pain from their ES that they’re glad to have it done and will put up with the discomfort.
I had external surgeries- with the first, I did find it pretty uncomfortable to open my mouth wide for the first week, and to chew, so had soft foods for about a week. Second time I had none of that, was fine to eat!
I did find lifting painful for 2-3 weeks- don’t know if you have to do that much with your youngest, like lifting into a car seat or anything… hopefully you’ll have some help?
There’s lots of info and advice in the Newbies Guide, you can search for what to expect post-surgery to look up older discussions, and Seamom has written a shopping list with ideas of things you might find helpful post-surgery too!
Good luck with your surgery, thinking of you!


I think it does depend on whether you have external or internal. I had external surgery, and no diet restrictions, but I couldn’t open my mouth very wide to eat. The pain was the worst the first day, but I managed with tylenol for about a week, then didn’t need meds. Keep your head elevated for the first few nights sleeping - I didn’t figure this out until the second night. And I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but start walking around the hospital as soon as you can, and continue to move/walk every day. It helps get the drugs/anesthesia gasses out of your system, which will make you feel better.

I was ok to drive the second week, but I was tired. I have 2 kids (not 5) so I’m sure this will be tough. Say “yes” to any help offered like meals, carpool, etc. I was lucky that I have a good network of friends.

And my smile was definitely “off” for about 3 months - it’s still a little crooked, but not very noticeable (I did cranio-facial PT exercises to try and resolve the smile). I continue to do neck exercises and I move and stretch my neck and incision to keep the scar tissue from forming - the best advice my ENT gave me. Good luck!


My first week post op I ate soft food. Please give your body time to heal. I understand you have alot of responsibility and I hope you have someone with you the first several weeks. I relapsed from doing too much too quick. Prayers are being said


Which location will you be having the surgery?


I am in Illinois and had surgery at an outpatient center on Friday. Unfortunately I had a horrible time finding pain medicines that did not make me vomit. Now I am just using Tylenol and ice packs


I was told 6 weeks liquids nothing thicker than applesauce for diet after surgery


I had internal surgery the doctor said not talking two weeks and not solid foods for 6 weeks ugh


That sounds pretty tough! Hope that you heal quickly and soon feel the benefits of surgery, thinking of you, and keep us posted. :bouquet:


Glad surgery went well. Praying for quick healing. Hopefully, the older kids will help out.


Oh boy! I hope everything gets better for you. I am trying to find the right doctor. Keep me posted on your progress :slight_smile: Take it easy and get rest and more than that GET THE RELIEF THAT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR :slight_smile:


Today is a TOUGH DAY…


Thinking of you, hang in there, we all know how you’re feeling… sending you a hug.


Anyone have a fever over 100.5 four days after surgery??


Best get that checked out- you might need antibiotics…


Waiting for doctors office to call. Ack with what to do!


How are you doing, are you feeling better? Thinking of you…


Hoping to see Dr Sanji…


Hi I’m Nikki ,I live in prince george British Columbia,so I’m in the north …I’m the only known case here of eagles syndrome, my surgery was the outer ,not down the throat ,which is risky because of all the nerves and the arteries is right there ,but trust in your doctor is important also ,Dr Sergio Filatov is wonderful he’s also a plastic surgeon so you can’t even tell I have a scar down my neck ,but healing was not comfortable,I had a drain tube,and ate soft stuff for a while ,but unfortunately my pain has come back and it’s sometimes feels worse than before …can’t live with this it’s taking my life away …I hope u heel well and life ongives you a break!


Hi Nikki! Sorry to hear that you’re pain has come back; how long ago was your surgery? Sometimes it can take up to a year for nerves to heal properly. If your surgery was a while ago, maybe the styloids have re-grown- it has happened occasionally. Do you know how much they removed from your styloid processes, and were your ligaments removed as well?