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Recovery Time Q!


I have 2 questions! I believe I have the answer to #1 but it never hurts to double check :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  1. What is the recovery time for one external surgery side?
  • It seems 2-3 weeks on average, and back to the office I go?
  1. What is the recovery time for one external surgery side, in regards to being physically able to run, jump fences, to be pushed, to be grabbed, to be kicked, etc?
  • I know this is an odd question but I work in a field that involves a lot of physical movement and physical endurance. How long until I can jump back into my normal line of work safely?

I know y’all are the patients and not the doctor. I am simply looking for those who have experienced the recovery in some way.

Thank you all so much!!


It is my understanding that everyone is different. A few people have felt great right after surgery and want to sight see, then others do not feel so well. I know I would not have been able to do anything physical for at least 10-12 weeks, I also would not have been able to go back to a regular office at 2 weeks either. I would also suspect how long your incision is would affect your neck recovery and if you have any complications. You have youth on your side, so your recovery should be fast - but the Dr. told me no lifting anything over 10 pounds for several weeks. Good luck!!


Hi FlyAway!

I agree w/ everything sjlash said & will add that an indicator of whether or not your body is ready to jump back into the “rough” stuff is your endurance. Can you push yourself w/o pain or symptoms flaring or neck swelling increasing or extreme fatigue setting in? You may need to “test the waters” carefully early on to see how far you can push w/o paying for it later that day & the next. I would say wait at least 2 weeks post op to start this process, & a bit longer (4 weeks maybe) to really jump back in full tilt (including lifting heavier weight). That said, your doctor will also have an opinion on this so do ask to see what he says. Erring on the side of caution will only aid in faster healing.

I started back to minimal gym exercise & orthopedic Pilates 2 weeks post op & ran in a 15K, somewhat hilly race, 6 weeks after my first surgery. I was 58. For me, starting physical exercise that soon was not the best strategy. I think it slowed my healing. By 2 mos. (8 weeks) post op, I was feeling like my old self - energy & endurance had returned. My second surgery was shorter & my recovery a fair bit quicker - 6 weeks instead of 8. If you have bilateral ES you may have the same experience.