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Scars, Surgery Recovery, CT Scans — PICS 📷

Anyone interested in having a thread specifically for scar pics, ct scans, surgery recovery tips, and healing updates?

I’m not vain at all and not worried about my new scar but I am curious on how my recovery is going and I like to have the ability to
compare my scans, my scar, scar treatment, and recovery with others. Doing a search on “scars” didn’t provide much other than posts with the word “scary” in them :joy:.

So share your story, your scar and recovery, and your imaging with pics if you’d like. Share to Compare.

Have a question about imaging or surgery recovery feel free to ask here too.

:closed_lock_with_key: And for privacy, be sure to crop out any identifying info.

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And someone please post a photo and/or link of the famous wedge pillow you used that we all need for Surgery Recovery :joy:

Your wish is my command!

Wedge pillow (buried :joy:) w/ additional pillows to create a ~30º angle (as per Dr. Samji’s suggestion)

Neck scars:


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Your scar is amazing !!! I can’t even find your left scar?! Kudos to your surgeon! What scar treatment did you do?

And lol at the pillows. So I am guessing you are hooked and still sleep with the pillows? Or old pic? That’s a good set up.

My surgeon was Dr. Samji. He is a wonderful surgeon! (It also pays to have “old lady neck” w/ lots of creases :wink:). I had my surgeries in 11/14 & 8/15 so am no longer using the wedge + pillow stack. I did use it for about 3 months post op though.


Here’s my scar/ recovery progression.

Procedure: 2/3 left hyoid removal, left styloid and calcified ligament removed. (This was a 2nd surgery and was external after intraoral failed to provide relief). Debating oral surgery?? I wish I had just done the external initially!

Surgeon: Dr. Ron Karni Houston TX.

1 hr post-op after surgery -in recovery room

2 days post-op —still draining ok at this point

3 days post-op —infection sets in (redness, PAIN, swelling, fever, drain is clogged, can’t swallow-no fluids in 3 days so ordered an IV, at home. Later that night shallow breathing)

4 days post-op (like 3am)—went to the ER, the small tube was replaced with larger to drain, ct scan done to look for abscess was clear, scope showed swelling in pharynx and was treated with steroids and 3 antibiotics, admitted for 2 days for meds and observation)

6 days post-op—meds worked wonders. Tube removed in clinic. 2 Steri-strips in place.

7-10 days post-op—the incision continued to ooze and drain through the opening in the wound. Had to wear loose bandages. Steroids-strips replaces often.

14 days -2 weeks post-op—scab formed in last spot, no longer draining/oozing but is now collecting fluid under the skin and have some swelling under chin. More sore than day 10-14. Using ice to help with swelling and pain. No need for steri-strips. Lots of numbness still.

16 days post- op—after some compression with a scarf all day to help with the edema, and some Celebrex (an nsaid). Less swelling and pain. Started scar silicone cream.

WOW! What an improvement! I bet it will “disappear” when it’s fully healed. I used Mederma w/ sunscreen for mine (again it was Dr. Samji’s recommendation). It seemed to work well. Sewmomma & some others have used silicone scar patches which I hear work well, too.

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Thanks !! I ordered both products when I saw y’all’s past posts. Now to decide “when to start” using them. There’s that one tiny piece of scab in the middle so just waiting …

Future reference to those browsing … don’t assume your dr will tell you how to dress the wound, treat the scar, what to eat or how to sleep for comfort post-op. All info was lacking and this forum was a god-send. Thankful some drs were more clear (like Dr. samji) so the info can be shared!

I would say you can start using Mederma now, even w/ the scab. I don’t know about the silicone patches. Didn’t know they existed when I was healing.

It’s getting there! Yours has been quite a journey…hope you soon feel the benefits!

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4 weeks post op for silicon patches! Those suckers are sticky! Leave it alone til then :slight_smile:


Sewmomma I’m so glad you told me. I was tempted to try the patches this week but don’t feel ready for anything sticky. :joy: I still want to slip a curse word when my hair or shirt brushes my scar.

Since you also had surgery from “the hyoid up” I’m curious if your scar is in the same spot as mine? Does the hyoid stay this hard and swollen for very long? It’s like a rock along my scar.

I too have a “click” but mine may be lower… I almost feel like, now that I saw the anatomy in the ER with the scope/screen that my issue may be a clicky swollen epiglottis—but I really haven’t gotten confirmation on that from the drs.

I hope you are feeling well and have gotten even more relief these days.

Hi! Yep, my scar is low and almost at the center of my throat like yours! My clicking is fading. Ever so slowly, fading. I got off the crazy train wondering what caused it. Although I might google epiglottis :upside_down_face:.

Absolutely hard as a rock after surgery. That let up when I started rubbing it which was step two after the patches. Rubbing started at 6 weeks for me. I have a squishy neck again on both sides. 1/10/19 and 5/30/19. Here’s the first scar just under a year. I have a patch on the second one constantly. I change them when they loose stickiness. By the way I cut mine so I can stretch out the box.


It’s looking good now!

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WOW! Barely visible. Good job being conscientious in treating your incision/scar while it healed. :relaxed:

Wow that “barely there scar” is amazing. Gives me so much hope sewmomma. Thank you for sharing and giving the tips. Glad to know the hardness of the site is normal & what to expect going forward. Happy to hear your clicking has lessened ! :+1:t2: Don’t get back in the crazy train (your words, hahah ) googling epiglottis. I follow up on Monday so I’ll ask my dr if that’s even logical …

…Who usually laughs at my lack of medical lingo… He’s like “arent you a Premed Student ?” Ummm well …I’m 38, my brain is mush from 4 kids, it I decided to try to do this thing and I just finished organic chemistry and biology… I can tell you the steps of germination and that hot glass looks like cold glass in a lab… I CANNOT tell you the anatomy of the throat. Lol. But I wish I could.


@SewMomma If it helps… here’s what led me to reading more about the epiglottis. This is the ct scan report when i went in to ER for the infection (3 days post-op). I read about all the edema in the different areas, googled each word … the clicking was even more super loud and obnoxious during this infection and edema. And yet while on the iv steroids in the hospital for 2.5 days it was so much better …, and now it’s back. On inhale some relief but then a hard click with my swallow. So I just wonder if I have a chronically swollen something (like the epiglottis) going on.

And ps. Why can’t a stinking report ever include anything about the styloid or recent removal of them ?! Even mentions eagles surgery (incorrect oral surgery date) , so why no measurement for it. So annoying cuz God knows how much I paid for this in the ER?!

:face_with_monocle: Interesting wording in the report.

I really wanted a post-op CT scan to see what was removed and what was left! My curiosity will have to be unsatisfied though. My troubles are fading and really aren’t troubles at all compared to when the hyoid was held prisoner by the calcification. Be free hyoid - live your best life!!! :crazy_face: