Shoulder symptoms and neck pain

Hi, I have been suffering from classic ES symptoms for the last 3 years.

I am planning to see a head and neck surgeon with good experience in ES early in the new year due to delays this year with Covid restrictions.

What I would like to know is if anyone has shoulder pain and/or also radiating pain at the back of the head?

I did not have these symptoms initially but last year I overstretched and felt shoulder pain on the affected side which has now become daily.

Then a few months ago my niece while playing accidentally pushed my head down and I now have pain at the back of my head, where your skull/neck meet again on the affected area. This goes down into my shoulder and feel I have to ‘crack’ my neck on this side. Can this be ES related?

Vkossa - very good question. I have many the same symptoms and it started by falling on my shoulder.

You may want to look into a condition called thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS). I was originally diagnosed with a neurogenic form of TOS. However now with eagles syndrome showing up on CT I am unsure which of my symptoms are from TOS and which are from ES.

May want to look into an emg and ultrasound.

Hi bmcdiddie, thank you! Sorry to hear you are also suffering from these symptoms.

I will look into TOS and have also thought about doing some form of investigation for my shoulder, just to make sure there’s nothing else going on separate to ES. I will explore this further now just to know what I am dealing with and appreciate your recommendations.

What I find interesting though is all these additional issues have developed on my symptomatic ES side and not the other side.

It may well be that your ES is the cause of these symptoms, hard to tell. Are you looking into surgery? Also, is there anything you have found to help your shoulder and neck? xx