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Specialists in Iowa?


So happy to hear you had good luck in Iowa City! I felt your pain reading about you dealing with the West Des Moines ENT, the one I visited in WDM was not very kind either. Best of luck with the surgery, hope everything goes well for you!


Glad you have a date; I know we’ve had other members with EDS, but can’t remember if any have had surgery, so the recovery could well be different for you. Hope that all goes well!


Congratulations…I am so happy that you got that second opinion! I am assuming you are going the external route since the doc is removing the entire SP? Looking forward to your post surgical posts. I have also been diagnosed with Fibro in the past and I wonder if it has just been the ES all along and they labeled it fibro because all the dozens of tests and such have never shown anything. I’ve not heard of the EDS, but going to look it up now. Best to you - fingers crossed as well!


Excellent news MomOf2! Will put your surgery date on my calendar & pray for you especially that day.