Struggling physically and emotionally

I’m on day 6 of recovery from my second side surgery. I know recovery is one step forward two steps back sometimes and today I’m feeling it. I’ve been seeing alarms for overnight meds so I stay on top of pain and I missed two doses so woke up in pain. I also haven’t been skating for 6 weeks due to COVID - the ice is my escape and I’ve got 5 weeks of recovery before I can skate again. I broke down today because of the pain, not skating, and having to eat the same or similar texture/not getting full. I also realized that this time last year I was on London, and the loss of freedom (both from covid and surgery) is hard.

Oh, dear, sounds like you’re having a tough time…it’s surprising how surgeries can vary. Days 5-6 often seem to be particularly tough for most people, so take comfort from that, & hopefully you’ll soon have turned a bit of a corner…so hard when you can’t skate if that helps you too.
I had lots of smoothies after my first surgery- I used pineapple juice, & made a smoothie with that, banana & yoghurt, maybe it’s something different to try? Or extra sauce on pasta & blend that? It doesn’t change the texture, but some different flavours will help…
You’ve been through this before, you can do it again, & at least this time you haven’t got another surgery to have in front of you…I’ll keep praying for your recovery, sending you a gentle hug…we all understand on here & have been through it :pray: :bouquet: :hugs:


Hi anharris,

I completely understand how you’re feeling today. I went through the very same thing at the exact same amount of time post op, except it was after my first surgery. It took a couple of days for me to start feeling better after feeling worse, but once the ball was rolling in the right direction, it kept going that way. I did have periods where symptoms returned in the midst of good days, but as I like to say, the good days won in the end. That will happen for you, too.

I hope you’ll be able to skate again soon. Can you reserve the rink for a future so you have something to look forward to? Are you able to reserve it to skate alone or w/ a minimal number of other people?

I will also be praying for you. This is the toughest time post op. You’re so strong. You’ll be through it soon.

:hugs: :gift_heart:


So the pain is better today but every time I get up I’m extremely dizzy (yay). We got some different foods/textures and I’m going to try mixing in some protein powder so I feel full longer. Thank you for the extra suggestions @Jules, those are good ideas.
@Isaiah_40_31 as far as skating goes, reserving a private session is cost prohibitive, but if I feel up to it before going back to the rink I might try to find a frozen lake that’s not busy. We’ll see. Part of why I wait so long to go back to the rink is I need full rom in my neck due to the number of people.

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Glad that the pain is more under control, & hope that the dizziness imptoves soon, will keep praying

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I’m also glad you felt a bit better today. Dizziness may also come & go for a bit. Your body had been through a lot recently with both ES surgeries. It’s just trying to help you lay low & recover.

Adding a little fat to your food will also help you feel more full - nut butter (if you don’t have allergies) goes well in a smoothie as does avocado. Those are two ways to get a little healthy fat in & better satiation from your meals. Olive oil & avocado oil be added in place of the nut butter or avocado though you lose out on some flavor that way.