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Success Stories!

Cold always makes mine start up a little bit, my nerves don’t like it…more than likely it’ll be a combination of nerves complaining, & muscles getting tense with the cold, pulling on the healing tissues. I’m sure it’s temporary, don’t worry about how you look, hats, scarves & lots of layers!

Thank you so much :blush:

Hi Margret!

In addition to Jules recommendations, I want to encourage you to continue to be patient. It can take up to a year or more for the nerves & muscles to heal. Hopefully by this time next year, you won’t notice your current pain anymore.


Thank you so much. My husband kinda freaks out every time I hurt. I keep telling him it just takes time. I’m going to share this email with him. You are all so awesome.

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I’m sure it’s hard for your husband to see you suffer. What a nice guy to be so empathetic! I do recall he retired early because of his concern about your health & longevity. You are very blessed.

Since it gets very cold where you are, keep your neck extra bundled up when you go out. Wearing a face gaiter (ski mask) that keeps your nose & mouth covered when you’re out, might help, too, as breathing in very cold air can do some internal cooling which could be aggravating.

I expect you will continue to see improvement week by week. I will pray for that.



You might benefit from a neck heating pad. ThermalON makes a nice one. You can get it on Amazon. It looks like a sausage with handles. You can put it in the microwave for up to 1 min 30 seconds or as explained in the instructions. I use it around my neck and under the jaw and ear to relieve tension and stiffness and keep warm in the winter. I am getting much better, but it has been useful for a long time after my surgery. Everything is calming down after a year.


Thanks again you are very kind :hugs:

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Day after surgery. Left side removed. Feeling pretty darned good!

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Great, just a note of caution, days 3-5 seem to be worst for swelling, so don’t worry if you have a blip! So pleased for you :+1::bouquet:

Thanks for the heads up. Drainage tube just removed. I promise to be a lazy bum till my follow up


12 days post op. I removed my butterfly bandages this morning. My scar looks amazing. I went back to work at day 8 once stitches were removed. I’m having a rough time allowing myself to relax…I’m always bracing myself for pain like before the surgery. Monday I am to begin light therapy at home like opening my mouth wider, turning my neck further. Scary stuff.
I still have loud ringing…it is driving me nuts. I get twitches in my jaw but they are improving. I am off all meds except OTC acetaminophen. I feel extremely fortunate. I hope this give someone a light at the end of the tunnel.

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