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Surgery for Eagles is usually successful!

I’m UK, so not sure of your system, we have to be referred by a GP / PCP- if Sewmomma’s suggestion doesn’t work I’d try seeing yours & take some info about ES with you (print out one of the research papers there’s links to in the Newbies Guide section, one which mentions symptoms like yours for example), & show it to your PCP, hopefully they’ll refer you.


Maui_Miracle had her surgery in Hawaii. She had Kaiser insurance. Kaiser is an HMO so if your health insurance is Kaiser, you have to see one of their doctors. Also, people who don’t have Kaiser insurance cannot be seen by Kaiser doctors.


I just sent you the updated Doctors’ List link in a post on another discussion. The doctors in your state whose names we’ve heard most often on here are Dr. Miloro, Dr. Bove & Dr. Patel. Any one of those doctors should be able to diagnose you. If you are not satisfied w/ what you learn from the first one you see, a second opinion is worthwhile. I got two opinions before having my ES surgery.

If your health insurance is a PPO you should be able to see anyone you want, but be aware that an out of network doctor will cost you more. Some insurances require a referral from your PCP but others are fine w/ you choosing to see a specialist w/o a referral. You’ll have to check w/ your insurance on that.

It’s good that you’ve already had a CT scan, however, does it thoroughly show the area between your skull base & hyoid bone? It needs to show the styloid processes & the stylohyoid ligaments as the ligaments can calcify in addition to the styloids elongating. You should also get a copy of the radiologist’s report which would have information that will let you know what the radiologist saw.

I hope this information is helpful.

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I am not sure where you are located but, I have found a fantastic surgeon at Stanford ENT in Palo Alto CA. I’m just recovering from my second styloidectomy. My first surgery was June 26, 2019 on the left side. Yesterday Sept 27, 2019 for my right side!! Both great success!!!
Dr. Edward Damrose is very knowledgeable, skilled as well as companionate.
Stanford Health Care ENT
Edward Joseph Damrose MD
801 Welch Rd
Palo Alto, CA

Hi Victoria99.

Thank you for the hot tip! We’ve been relying on Dr. Hussein Samji in San Jose (formerly w/ Stanford) as our key referral in that area because he’a done so many ES surgeries. It will be great to have a second name to which to refer people. Do you know how many ES surgeries Dr. Damrose has done? I will add him to our US Doctos List ASAP.

So glad your surgeries are behind you & you’re healing well!