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I’m inept at technology today as well & have to rely on my husband or son for help. :rofl:

I apologize, I was looking at the wrong structure in the original picture & was focusing on the thicker bony mass to the right of the right styloid. Not sure what that is (not a doctor…). Your assessment is logical - it’s likely your stylohyoid ligament that’s calcified. The right styloid does look thicker than the left but it also looks fairly normal length. In all likelihood it’s the calcification that’s circled which is causing your symptoms.

As far as the surgeon goes, ask to be put on a cancellation list. I’ve often been able to move up appts scheduled farther in the future by a month or more because of cancellations.


This is precisely what mine looks like! Like you (like all of us), I saw many many doctors to finally get a dx. I ended up at a maxillofacial doc who could see mine on the pano X-ray. Hang in there!


Just to add that you don’t have to see an ENT, you could see an Otolaryngologist/ Skull Base surgeon, if there’s anyone near you with a shorter wait?


I’ve already been to 3 ENTs, and the person I want to see is an otolaryngologist/skull base surgeon. He’s had a publication about ES so I at least trust that he knows what it is. My PCP is being a pain, though, and wants to see me again before she’ll give me a referral. Why? I’m not quite sure. I messaged another PCP I saw fairly recently to see if he’ll do it without another visit (I’m a college student, I just had major knee surgery last year, and therefore I’m super poor. Office visits are expensive, and if I’m going to need to have surgery I need to save my money for that). If he says no, I may just bypass them all and email the doctor myself. @Chrissy, thanks for the vote of confidence! I’m still going through the “there’s no way this is actually the issue, I’m actually crazy” phase right now.


Sounds like you’re headed in the right direction making an appt w/ a surgeon who’s published info about ES. That is a very promising sign! Do try for a cancellation spot though so you can get in sooner.


Yes! I sent the 3D CT to another PCP that I’d seen about my throat last summer, mentioned ES and, I couldn’t believe it, but he agreed that it’s a strong possibility! Doctors who listen to their patients are such a godsend. So he put in a referral to another ENT, who I still have to get an appt with but hopefully it won’t take as long. If they can at least diagnose me and refer me to someone else who can do the surgery, I’ll be happy.

In the meantime, my symptoms are all starting to make more sense. My ear and jaw have been hurting like crazy, and the jaw popping on the right side that I’ve always attributed to TMJ finally makes a little more sense. I don’t want to overattribute symptoms to ES, but if this surgery improves blood flow to my brain I’m wondering if my sleep issues will go away too. That would just be a bonus on top of being able to sing and talk without pain again.


Let’s hope you get your new appt. through quickly!


HOORAY for support from a PCP! So glad yours also was able to give you a hopeful referral! Mine told me he’d known someone w/ ES 10 yrs prior to my diagnosis & surgery didn’t help the guy (as if to say surgery wouldn’t help me). I’m glad my surgery was 10 yrs in the future from that guy’s experience as Dr. Samji had come into practice by then & did AWESOME work on me! I was excited to tell my PCP what a HUGE difference ES surgery had made for me!