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Thankful for you all


Hi friends! I am happy to report…the click is gone!!! Emory and the surgeon and the whole morning was very positive and pleasant. My hyoid is free from being pulled!!! Right away, it was instant relief. Praise the Lord.
We just got home. 8:30 surgery, 9:30 post op room, 10:30 wake up and 11:30 discharge!!! Super smooth. I’m a bit caught off guard by the throat pain. Worst sore throat feeling and my tongue is pretty lazy from all the anesthesia. But no nerves were compromised at all. Smile looks good. Taking Norco and resting then I’ll have some soup. Huge success. We’ll see what the next few weeks holds. I’ll check in! Thought about all of you while I was in that bay waiting alone. I’ve never been so ready to get something started! We wait for so long with these symptoms! Outside all bandaged up but I’ll share pics later, as well as the ligament pic I’m waiting on him to send me. So glad this first step has been taken and was positive!!


Fantastic news that it all went quickly & smoothly, & you’ve noticed one symptom gone already! I hope that you recover quickly & the throat pain goes soon. God Bless :pray:


So happy the click is gone. I can report a pretty limp tongue and a bad sore throat as far as surgery side effects. That’s it though! I think those WILL resolve soon. Praise God that taking out 3cm from hyoid up did the trick! Will discuss left side at 3 week follow up appt.
Dinner tonight: One small container of unsweetened applesauce, Well Yes brand of chicken noodle soup through a straw and a small bowl of orange shbert thanks to my mom! Moms of 42 year olds can still bring their kids ice cream :smile:.
Up at 3:15 this morning so going to bed soon. Maybe I’ll see some improvement in surgical stuff tomorrow. May I sing a song for you? “Ding dong the click is dead, the click is dead, the click is dead. Ding dong the wicked click is dead!” :musical_score:
Keeping expectations low. Must be patient. No clue if other side is still symptomatic. Must wait for everything to settle. Just happy the worst thing is gone. Thank you for all the praying :heart::heart:


Keep up the good spirits too! Glad your mum is helping out as well!


Tell me it’s super hard to swallow and eat for some of y’all day after surgery?


This sounds too good. Wishing you speedy recovery. My heart is little mellow down. Because I am little scary about the surgery. Please pray for me too .


Had external surgery on right side. Got to hospital at 6:30 am and was discharged at 11:30 am! :+1:
Lots of swelling and soreness but the painful snag/click that happened is all gone! Surgery was a success!
If you’re interested, unsweetened applesauce heated for 20 seconds has been my jam today. And a throat lozenge that numbs the throat has helped tremendously with pain. 2 pain pills are on board but it’s really the sore throat and loss of voice that are my chief issues pot op. Not bad at all! Follow up is first week in Feb so we’ll see about second side then I guess. For now I’m not taking my robe off til Sunday lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hope you feel better soon!


Of course it’s a little scary. I was worried about the whole thing. But antipation was worse than realization in my case. You must play a broken record about whether the surgery will be better than the present. For me, one trillion times yes!


I couldn’t open my mouth wide, it was painful to chew although not so bad to swallow after my first surgery. It was a week before it improved. I just had the styloids removed- you had ligaments removed from the hyoid I think, so it’s bound to cause pain I would think. I’m sure it will settle soon- there’ll be quite a bit of swelling so that won’t help. It’ll be worth it soon!


Thank you Jules. On day 2 at home I’m walking around fine (in my robe lol). I just tried orange juice for breakfast. That was a no go. It stung. Soft foods kind of sit in my mouth and I have to move the food around and swallow in sort of a gulp. It’s all swollen and painful. The Norco is helping some. I definitely have a raspy voice and am constantly clearing my throat. But, the click is gone. Taking out the s-h fixed that part, just like that. Now I slowly recover and see what I feel like after 3 weeks when I go for my check up. I’m so glad the click is gone that I’m just kind of trying to ride out these post op issues with very little analyzing. Day of surgery my tongue deviated to one side badly. This morning it’s more centered! It’s still fat and swollen which is why it can’t do it’s job helping me clear my mouth of food. But to see progress in two days regarding a surgical side effect is very promising! I’m happy!:bouquet:


Today my tongue has straightened some. Hooray! But my right ear is crackling like crazy when I eat even my soft applesauce meals. Crackling normal 2 days post op?


Happy that you feel better. Please update how you feel everyday. After reading your posts I feel better.


Hello! It’s Sunday. So is this day 4? Does surgery count as day 1? Lol!
Doing well today. Energy is pretty good. Mentally I’m clinging to the fact that my click is gone. This thought helps me get through some of the post op moments I’m having.
Mainly - So. Much. Swelling. Wow. My poor tongue had a rough go with it all. But good news, tongue has gone from being crooked to just now puffy/fat. I’m trying to eat my favorite soft things but food sits on my tongue like, “now what?” :grin: I’m taking pictures daily and I see marginal improvement daily. Hoping it gets back to normal soon. I’m on broth and protein shakes for now. Oh and orange sherbet :+1:.
Waiting patiently for swelling to go down. Sore throat is no fun when trying to get any little bit of food down. But this is all post-op stuff! Trying not to obsess too much right now. By my check up if things are bad I’ll bring up meds for swelling maybe.
Had a wonderful shower this morning. My husband lovingly took off my bandage and talked me through what he saw. I’m going to share it with y’all. I couldn’t care less about a stupid scar but it’s just “new and different”. You know how that is.
I like unsweetened applesauce, Vega chocolate shakes, broth and ice cream luckily so I’m just enjoying all those things and putting my feet up as much as I possibly can. Slept on my right side last night. We’ll see how tonight goes without the dressing on the site. Baby steps.


Ignore the marker and some redness from removing the clear tape thingy.


It does look swollen still, I’m sure that should go down soon… My favourite thing to eat was a smoothie with banana, pineapple juice, yoghurt & some spinach thrown in for extra goodness- you can’t taste it!
When’s your check up?


Yum I think I’ll try that!!! Feb 5th. Supposed to be a week earlier but he only has clinic on Tuesdays and we couldn’t do the 29th. At least I’ll have that extra time to heal in terms of discussing the second side. If that’s even possible to detect this early.


Day 5. Slept well. Pretty comfortable physically. No improvement in voice. A tiny improvement in sore throat. No improvement in size of tongue. That’s the worst part. Whatever goes in my mouth has to be ready to swallow. But it’s not getting worse. Trying to give it time.
I messaged the nurse about site care and she said don’t do anything until the purple glue peels off. Whatever that stuff is called. Then she said one month of Vaseline on the scar and Mederma after that is what they suggest. For now still lots of icing. I will also share I do have a faint click in my ear on the left side when I swallow. But it’s not even close to as bothersome as the right was. Getting through this healing seems wise before I think about jumping back in for the second calcified lig. Still so happy the right click is history.


I think a lot of doctors leave it at least 3 months before 2nd surgery, I ended up a year between surgeries, but that was more because of the UK NHS waiting times!
You’re in my prayers, hope that swelling soon goes…


Can I be real and honest and raw? Day 6 has been kind of crumby. I woke up bad. I admit I’ve had a false sense of feeling ok so I’ve been spotty on the Norco. One here, one there. This morning I woke up so sore, I’m over the swelling because I can’t fully appreciate if I’m swallowing better and I’m definitely feeling a crunchy click on the left when I swallow. I woke up in a funk. My dear husband got me my luxurious robe, got me some applesauce so I could take two Norco and now I’m about to take my first hot bath. I’m having irrational thoughts that my tongue is never going to go down and I’m never going to have a normal swallow ever ever ever for the rest of my life. I’m a very normal person but this recovery is making me feel very out of control. Pep talks please! :heart_eyes: