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Thankful for you all


I had to take my pain meds for 6 weeks post op. I took them full time for close to 3 weeks then started to put more space between them. I ultimately cut them in half & took half at a time. I made the same mistake you’ve made as far as not sticking w/ the suggested pain med protocol in the first week post op & it did set my healing back a bit. Stay w/ those pain meds. Have your husband call Dr. Dedhia’s office & ask what you can take as an anti-inflammatory. Prednisone really helped me. If that’s something you can’t take then other options may be available.

Hang in there, SewMomma! By this time a week from now things will be very different in a good direction.



It is a big surgery, it will take time, like Isaiah says, take the painkillers regularly rather than wait for it to get really bad. Big hugs to you & you’re in my prayers.


It IS a big surgery. Why I’m so surprised is beyond me. I suppose I wanted it to be simpler. I need to focus on the positives…no click and this morning I didn’t choke on my oatmeal, lol! The doctor said to switch to ibuprofen and stick with soft foods. I mentioned swelling in my message to the nurse and that didn’t seem to elicit any real concern. I’ll keep icing. I’ll be sure to speak up if that doesn’t work. It seems like mornings are the hardest so I’m going to save my remaining Norco for the next five mornings. Baby steps. Focusing on the success of the surgery!


Are you sleeping propped up? If not then I would try that, if it’s worse in the morning. I’m surprised it’s not improving by now, hugs to you!


Yes, some. Two pillows to get a good angle. Just heard back from the doctor again. After i described the swelling and pain he said it’s all standard. I’m officially an advocate of only one side at a time!! More sherbet!


Following your progress and hanging on your last words. Lol! Lots of prayers for you and I hope you continue only up from here! I’m waiting for my ENT to refer me to an Laryngologist and sent the pano xrays I had and asked if they had ever heard of ES. Still waiting to hear back. Looks like I’m on the search to find someone that will at least rule out whether I have this or not.


If you can get someone to order a CT scan for you and then be sure to look at your insurance benefits - this is how you find out if you have ES. I say that, some doctors still won’t be able to truly diagnose based on their lack of experience. Happened to me. I was born in Kentucky so you just keep comin round here and lettin us know how you’re doin! :wink:


Seriously?!? I was born, raised, and still live in Kentucky. Lol! I asked my ent that is referring me if I could get a CT scan of that particular area before I go to another specialist but I haven’t had a reply yet.


Ok awesome. You definitely need that test. Go Cats :grin::basketball:
I’ll take this moment to share I just had a little emotional hiccup. Just your useless “why did this have to happen” moment. Nothing a hot bath and bowl of chocolate pudding can’t fix :heart:.


Bless your heart! It’s definitely been an emotional roller coaster. My guys and I have just started making a name for ourselves locally (bluegrass band) and now I can’t sing at all! I’m just so emotionally drained and frustrated. Breaks my heart to not be able to do the thing I love most and no one can tell me why. Just try and hang in there. Time heals all wounds… and lots of prayer. :wink:


Please let us know if the ibuprofen makes a difference w/ the swelling & pain. Mornings were always the worst for me as far as throat swelling went even though I “slept” (a term I use loosely for post op “log-sawing”:wink:). Pain seemed to hit more in the afternoon for me.


Happy to say I ate a pancake this morning. My doctor doesn’t do site drains or steroids so it’s just time and patience for me and my swollen tongue. Maybe the ibuprofen will help a little. Looking up anti inflammatory foods too now. :+1:


Woke up from a little nap with a sharp shooting pain in my right (surgical side) ear. Things still settling all around there? Ouch.


Pain backed off some. Had a bowl of chili for dinner - I didn’t blend it!! A huge milestone! I had to tilt my head to the left to keep it from getting trapped on the right, lol. But I am encouraged! My mom came by and I had to repeat myself 3 or 4 times due to the slurring. She felt bad but I told her not to. :heart:


AWESOME NEWS, SewMomma!! So glad you’re seeing recovery progress!!


Good that things are improving, albeit slowly! As for the shooting pains, it can happen as nerves heal, that can take a while. Some members have seen improvements even a year after surgery!
Hope the swelling improves soon…


Thank you Isiah and Jules. My “pouch” of fluid around the site is marginally smaller. I’ll take it. I had pasta for lunch. Shell noodles - I was amazed I could move the noodles around. As inefficient as the meal was, I still ate it lol! I felt less lethargic today, as Roger put it. But still, I have another week of my husband at home to do the majority of the household things. I do think it’s time to wash the robe though. Seriously. Here’s my incision today, I sponged it with a soapy rag. I was told to let the purple glue fall off on its own.


Lookin’ GREAT! Healing is happening!!


Definitely improving! Let’s hope it continues…a bit quicker for you!! Your hubby sounds a star too! :star2:


Continued prayers!!