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Thankful for you all


Hi SewMomma
I’m a few weeks ahead of you, after my second surgery and i can tell you, you are doing really well and doing all the right things. Keep listening to all the good advice on here. Wishing you all the very best for your continued recovery. :blush::+1:


Thank you Cupcake. No real change with my tongue. I’ve decided to not look for changes on a day to day basis anymore. Washed my robe and made more pudding. Life is good :+1::heart:


I discontinued the Norco yesterday, feeling good about that. So I took it for 11 days post op. Having a hard morning for some reason. I’m eating what I can but have no energy. Still feel sore at the site and my speech is a little hard to accept. That part is a mental game though. I need to recheck my attitude and remind myself what a success the surgery was. Just want to be active again with my kids. Hopefully that will come soon. I’m a classic over-doer so I’m trying to do the opposite and give it all time.


Thinking of you and hope that you get to mess about with your children soon, You’re in my prayers…big hug


Thank you Jules. Two weeks tomorrow! At least that’s the “marker” I’ve had in my mind to start doing a bit more. Not too much, trust me! I walked to the mailbox today for the first time. It’s a 7 second walk, lol. Can you believe I’ve not left the house since the surgery? I just don’t know many places where the robe would fit the dress code.
Today was a really good day thanks to Isiah helping me see the swelling as a “pillow” around my wound. I woke up with a feeling of…well that someone cut my neck open two weeks ago. So I took more of Isiah’s advice and halved a Norco. I felt really good after that and even taught some school to my children this morning while my husband was on stand-by if I got too tired. He goes back on Monday so it was a good trial. I try not to be bothered by my speech and my kids are really great about it. I’m so happy when I lie in bed at night on my right side and there is no click! I do however now have a little click when I’m lying on my left. I call it “Baby Click”. Not anywhere close to “Momma Click” with the right ligament that snagged TWO times with each swallow - once when the hyoid went up, once when it went down.:weary:. I can live with Baby Click while I heal from this go-round.


So glad to read about your daily improvements & glad I’ve been able to help you! Start trying to take little walks with your kiddos (unless it’s freezing cold out or bad weather) over the next few days. Dr. Samji recommended taking 2-3, 15 min walks/day starting the day after surgery. I wasn’t up to that till after the first week, but it did feel good to make myself move. Because I was “tipsy” from Percocet, I had to have someone’s arm to hang on when I walked. :crazy_face:

I’m sorry you’ve acquired a new click but am so glad it’s only a “baby click” & will pray that it stays that way until that ligament has it’s day on the operating table!


I went to bed last night thinking of the walk we’d all take and it’s 37 degrees (F) and rainy, lol! At least I was excited about the possibility!
Since my scan was bilateral and in the doctor’s words the ligaments were “mirror images” I figured the left would be symptomatic. It’s amazing when one is gone how you can really “listen” to the single one remaining. It’s not bad though. We started with the correct side. That’s a big decision when starting out with the surgery step. Hopefully most people have an instinct about that. It’s nice to have some relief after one.


Well this post made me feel darn right sane! Nice to know someone else is not leaving the house and a 7 second walk is reasonable! And your husband being on standby if you get too tired. Oh SewMomma better days are surely ahead of us!


Lol I was thinking about having my husband drive me to Walmart today so I could buy myself a new toothbrush but I’m not sure I’m up for it :rofl::rofl::rofl:! I did clean our bathroom vanity. I was so proud. And some of my glue came off - I can see some of my actual skin!
Sjlash have you been reading some? How is the pain today?


I went to the Eye dr with a neighbor to pick out frames - it was exhausting and I barely did anything! The pain in better today. Where the sternocleidomastoid muscle attaches is really tight - so that causing me some discomfort.


I’m so glad the pain is a little better (even if it’s just a little improvement). Do you have a follow-up with the surgeon? I’m thinking you probably already did since you were a little ahead of me. Mine is the 5th. Did you find some cute glasses? Hope you got to rest after your outing :blush:


Just read back over my first week and wanted to share at the two week point I don’t have any more of the ear crackling I did post-op and the sharp pain in my ear is fading and very rare now :clap:. All I have now is the tongue issue. But I just ate a healthy bowl of chili so I’m making it. Small bites on the left. I don’t love touching my face or neck all around the site. It’s tingly and numb and weird. So I don’t touch it :grinning:. I am able to sleep on that side though which is awesome. I let it hang off the bottom of the pillow. Talked to insurance on the phone today and after my disclaimer that my speech was off, she said “I can understand you just fine!” It’s so important to be nice to people, she made my day :heart:.


It’s good to look back at how we were & to remind ourselves how far we’ve come, I’m so glad that you can see improvements & so can others! BTW I have very small numbish patches on my cheek near the ear which like you say, isn’t nice to touch, can sympathise, it may not go completely, but I’ll take that over pain any day!


Ok that’s so good to know. I’m trying to sort out what I would consider “recovered enough” to pursue the second side. I won’t wait for that kind of thing to resolve. It’s obviously the swelling that hinders function the most. Day by day, little by little with that.


HOORAY for progress! I’m so glad for the positive changes you’re seeing.

Usually 3-6 months after the first surgery allows adequate healing time for the second surgery to be done. As Jules said, there will most likely still be some little things amiss but the bigger healing will be well underway.


How nice that you felt good enough to leave your house & do an errand. Friends are great for encouraging us to move when we don’t feel like it. Hoping you find a little more energy in each day to help you ease back in to a more normal routine!


I left the house! 16 days! The robe came off, lol! I was really dragging today all day. Somehow (grace of God), I got ready for 5:30 mass and we all went. My scarf selection was a gray and black wrap with a grey sweater and black pants :grin:. I was feeling pretty good once we got going. I missed our van - it is brand new and I’ve only driven it about 10 times because I felt so bad in the fall. Being in it again flooded me with feelings of the interstate at 4:30 in the morning two weeks ago but that’s just what happens when you get into a situation for the first time - you think about the last time.
Exciting news - there was most definitely squishing/pressing onto my vocal cords because my voice came out tonight went I sang! For real - came out loud…even with swelling! I could sing and reach for the high notes. I was so happy. I was able to go really high (I gave up trying to help a girl sing “O Holy Night” in the children’s choir back at Christmas) and it sounded almost perfect! A slight crack which I blame on swelling and the left side still pulling on things. But what a gift. My 9 year old daughter looked at me with wide eyes. No one has heard mom sing like that for a while. Two very kind people asked me how I was doing then we made a quick getaway. We surprised the kids by going to get Chinese take-out and I enjoyed eating rice at our kitchen table with all of them - robe back on. The 6 of us have had a very bonding two weeks and tonight felt like a real “win” to encourage me. I also put our 6 year old to bed for the first time since surgery. She has Down syndrome and is not very verbal but she is SO into my scar. As I read her a book I rejoiced that I could lie with her with no clicking as I read! She looked at my scar and then unzipped her onesie and showed me her heart surgery scar. We had gone over Momma’s surgery lots and lots beforehand at bedtime because I knew my husband would be filling the bedtime role but this is the first time she put it together that our scars are the same now. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


What a beautiful story, SewMomma. Brought tears to my eyes (really). Our kids encourage & fill us up in such significant ways, often when we least expect it. Being able to sing again is also an amazing testimony to your body’s healing abilities & to God’s mercy & grace. So glad you can “belt out” those hymns again!
Even w/ that, be careful not to overdo w/ the singing. Take that in baby steps as well.

:clap: :clap: :clap: :blush:


Unfortunately ES surgery hasn’t improved my voice- it was terrible before & still is ! :joy:
Seriously, so glad that you have been able to get out, & glad that you can see positives in all this, lovely that it’s brought your family closer…


You’re exactly right, all that vocal cord is muscle in there too that is still fragile! Today I cleaned out the van and it was just the right sized project for me. My husband did most of it - I’m really good at supervising :grinning:. No real pain today. All the glue is off the scar. No change in tongue but I made the best of it and finally got the Instant Pot I’ve been wanting. Hopefully I can make some healthy soups quickly and easily :+1::tea:.